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YouTube just deleted scary children’s channel Toy Freaks


YouTube deleted a controversial children’s channel following a New York Times story and average viral post that lists the weird and often disturbing types of videos that target young viewers on the platform.

Toy Freaks, a channel that had over 7 million subscribers with over 6 billion views according to SocialBlade rankings, has completely disappeared with a note saying, “This account was terminated for breaking YouTube community rules. . “

Toy Freaks featured a father and his two daughters performing in skits that often include disgusting themes or play on the “Bad Baby” trope, in which children scream, shout things like “poo,” toss candy and act out. usually like crazy kids. The videos were apparently popular with children, but repeatedly criticized by parents and sometimes labeled as child abuse. A video, which shows a child crying and bleeding from his mouth after losing a tooth, has received repeated criticism from critics. Another similar channel, DaddyOFive, disappeared in May after other YouTubers and prominent parents complained that the pranks parents played on their children were abuse. As a result, these parents lost custody of two of their children.

Other YouTube channels aimed at children reported removing individual videos. “Youtube removed 2 of our videos. It looks like the problem is widespread and major children’s channels are affected,” wrote a KiddieToysReview on a YouTube creators forum. “Like a thief in the night – he doesn’t there was no email, no warning, no transparency. ”However, most of the channels and videos cited in the viral publication Medium were still live at the time of writing.

The changes follow YouTube’s announcement that more videos would be subject to an age limit to ensure they don’t appear on the YouTube Kids app, which is aimed at children under 13. years.

We have already written about the ecosystem for kids videos on YouTube, which include fake characters, violence and anti-social behavior. In the past, YouTube rewarded this type of video with clicks, subscribers, and monetization through automated ads. (The dad behind the Toy Freaks account previously had a lawn care channel; he changed focus after realizing that the kids genre was more lucrative.) Although debates over what kids should watch is nothing new, this has resulted in the creation of bizarre and often disgusting videos on a staggering scale. The takedown efforts have inspired a backlash from some creators of children’s videos, but the wider reaction to these videos – which feature things like superheroes buried alive, beloved cartoons drinking beer. bleach and force-fed and then vomiting children – was to condemn them forcefully. This seems like an obvious win for YouTube, which must appeal to parents and concerned advertisers.


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