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Two Generations of Children’s Music: Figureheads and Zing Zangs

Time stands still for no child. In 10 years, children go through sneakers, shirts, schools and reading levels like no one else. For children’s music, 10 years is therefore a lifetime. For recent 8 Pound Gorilla Records signees The Figureheads (Jeremy Bryan, Greg Marshall and Dave Olsen), it will be interesting to see how the Milwaukeee-based hip-hop combo acclimatizes to a generation of new artists, given that ‘they’ve spent a full decade out of the limelight.

‘Stars’ of Figureheads

Figureheads are all about having fun with a dash of social awareness. Of the six songs of their Stars, their new EP, “Make It Better” and “Gotta Believe” focus on singing together to improve our lives, the wind at our backs, while we all have breath in our lungs. But there’s also fun and family with “Sticky Song” and “Wave and Stomp.”

Figureheads can be back for a while or just turn their heads (pull their heads out of their shells). For 16 minutes your kids can hear what they’ve been up to since around 2012.

To find Stars on the Figureheads website, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.

Here is the video for “The Sticky Song”:

Speaking of this next generation of children’s music performers, they’ve been inspired to create children’s songs by artists like Recess Monkey, Gustafer Yellowgold, and Frances England. The Zing Zangs from Vancouver, Canada (Trevor Walls and Emma Watson) started writing songs together after high school. Labeled “the second generation of kindie” by Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, the duo compiled their material into their first CD, Hellowith the help of über-producer Dean Jones (who is even a guest on “Chatterbox”).

“The Good Day” of the ZingZangs

Hello summarizes the spirited experiences of two friends (can we give them a nickname like “Tre-mma”?). The melodies parade from morning until nightfall, sharing music (“Let’s Start A Band”), games (“Hide and Seek” with Mista Cookie Jar and “Playing in the Park”), and relaxing with “Shadows Dance” as the sun begins to set Position. It’s 11 songs in 23 minutes, just long enough for a hyperactive child to percolate and settle into bed. In all, Hello is a promising start for the Zing Zangs.

Collect yours Hello on the Zing Zangs website, Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music.

Here’s a YouTube capture of the duo’s song, “The Good Day”:

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