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The greatest kids’ movies and shows of 2021 according to Netflix’s new Top 10


In recent weeks, Netflix has launched a new website that will publish weekly lists of the top 10 most viewed movies and TV series. This will cover the top 10 trend rankings by country, a metric that was previously released by the streamer, but not in a consolidated fashion. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the information these new top 10 stats revealed for Netflix’s biggest children’s titles in 2021.

Analysts, producers and distributors have often lamented the lack of streaming metrics. Unlike traditional linear television, there is no accepted measurement system. For a long time, content performance data has been left behind a black box. Renewal was the main indicator of whether or not your show was successful.

Steps have been taken in recent times to triangulate an image of the content that appears. Netflix has started to disclose the top 10 local dailies themselves as a discovery tool for viewers. This data has been consolidated by smart people including the friends of the FlixPatrol site. It was firmly asserted that this information was not skewed to favor their own originals. Nielsen also started posting Weekly Top 10s based on US data in 2020. They exploded that to cover Top 10s in three different categories in 2021: Originals, Acquired, and Film. Several other data analytics companies measure various metrics nationally, globally, and locally.

This rating change follows a metric pivot announced by Netflix in Q3 earnings a few weeks ago. The baseline metric changed from “number of accounts that watched” to “number of hours viewed,” a similar / comparable metric to US Nielsen. Weekly reporting is a drastic and generous step that will undoubtedly put pressure on competitors to do the same.

What about children’s content?

We can of course glean some nuggets about the performance of children’s content from all of this data. First, the caveats… .. In the dataset, Netflix tracks a series’ specific season performance, so the Halo’s interest in previous seasons might not be in the rankings. The data they released dates back to the week of June 28.e, perfectly covering the second half of 2021. The specific “hours viewed” metric will be skewed by the length of the content and the volume of the episodes. This will also promote mass removal of episodes, as opposed to a week. Genres that have good repetition potential will benefit. This includes sitcoms and, of course, children’s shows, which become more and more repeatable as they move into preschool.

The biggest kids’ shows on Netflix in 2021 according to the new Top 10

Starting with the youngest audience, the dominant presence CoComelon benefits across all other metrics continues. It features the best of all children’s series, reaching 7 individual weeks. Peaks systematically follow the launch of new episodes. As the data is broken down by season, we cannot see the peripheral viewing value these newer seasons give to older ones. The demonstration is convincing despite everything.

Other preschool originals that pop include Gabby’s dollhouse from DreamWorks, which launched a new series in August. Next to it is shark dog, Nickelodeon produced Netflix Original which launched in September. Highly publicized preschool series that stand out for their absence include Ada Twist, scientist, and new episodes of Ridley jones.

In the animation for older children, visualization for Pokémon Journeys: The Series pierces, catching the tail after launching in June. There was also good news for Originals. Season 1 of A Dark & ​​Grimm Tale erupted during its launch week. Better yet, the launch of high-end limited series, Maya and the Three, by Jorge Gutiérrez. This managed to achieve the most hours viewed of any children’s series, ranking 5th in overall content in its first week.

The greatest children’s movies on Netflix in 2021 according to the new Top 10

As a result of observations made in other metric categories, licensed and potent franchise movies continue to be a driving force for Netflix. Films including Kung Fu Panda (Dream work), Hotel Transylvania 3 (Sony) and The Secret Life of Pets (Illumination) are arriving in numbers around the world despite the fact that their license agreements will be fragmented from country to country.

We can also see how several films have been “covid” from a theatrical release. This was the case for 3 Sony titles for example.

First, The Mitchell vs. the Machines which launched in April saw the highest ranking among other metrics. Since its launch period is (alas!) Outside of data capture, it doesn’t feature much in published rankings.

What is present is the tail of Wish dragon – which was launched in early June. Ultimately, Vivo, which starred Lin Manuel Miranda, has the best overall ranking for children’s films.

To complete these are My little pony: a new generation and The Loud House Movie, both of which would have both had a more specific appeal to children / established fans, rather than larger families.

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