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The best kids movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video

With school children absent from the classroom since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, many children may have exhausted their usual list of favorite movies.

And while a return to school seems to be on the cards soon (and has already happened in Scotland), families will always be looking for new movies to watch – and so we’ve found some of the best kids’ movies on Amazon Prime Video. – including both the Paddington films and Spielberg’s iconic favorite ET.

And it’s not just kids who will enjoy this selection – each film we’ve included is suitable for both parents and children, so let the kids do it or join in.

You can challenge yourself or your family to watch all the best kids movies of all time – check how many you’ve already seen with the top 100 kids movies scratch off poster.

See our list of best kids movies on Amazon Prime Video below.

Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon

Aardman Animations’ latest film sees the beloved sheep make a new friend after an alien with strange powers crash-land near Mossy Bottom Farm. The two are forced to run – with a villainous organization hoping to catch Shaun’s new pal.

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Paddington 1 & 2


Two delightful and beautifully crafted stories of a friendly young Peruvian bear who travels to London. Don’t miss Hugh Grant’s brilliant performance as the villain in the sequel.

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The Gruffalo

First made by the BBC for Christmas, this animated adaptation of Julia Donaldson’s children’s book works any time of the year.

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Alvin and the Chipmunks

Three mischievous and irritating chipmunks with squeaky voices invade the home of a struggling songwriter. While they first rise to the dizzying heights of stardom, they soon fall prey to a fierce record label boss. Some of their numbers are surprisingly catchy, despite the helium-inspired vocals.

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Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory

Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory

Tim Burton may have tried to top this movie in the 2000s, but the 1971 original starring Gene Wilder remains the best adaptation of Roald Dahl’s seminal children’s book. With superbly catchy tunes and great practical effects, it’s truly a joy for the whole family.

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Martin Scorsese may not be known primarily as a children’s filmmaker, but he proved he was more than capable of making movies aimed at family audiences with this delightful 2011 film, which follows the eponymous orphan (Asa Butterfield) as he tries to find a key that will operate his father’s automaton.

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song of the sea

This beautiful Irish animation tells the story of a young boy who discovers that his sister is a selkie – a mythical creature from Irish folklore – tasked with finding her voice in order to free supernatural creatures from the spell of a Celtic goddess. With an impressive voice cast including Brendan Gleeson.

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Ruby Barnhill and Mark Rylance in The BFG


One of many Roald Dahl adaptations on this list and also the most recent – the BFG was released in the summer of 2016 with Mark Rylance playing the titular friendly giant who befriends ten-year-old Sophie and the takes you to Giant Country.

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Tom’s Midnight Garden

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Philippa Pierce, Tom’s Midnight Garden follows a teenager who is sent to live with an uncle and aunt and discovers that their clock always strikes one at midnight and the alleys outside become a garden paradise.

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The road to El Dorado

Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh lend their voices to this animated adventure about two con artists whose plans to get to the fabulous city of gold, El Dorado, are hampered by a number of misfortunes that see them lost at sea.

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Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox

George Clooney is literally fantastic as Mr. Fox, who decides his chicken-stealing ways are over and he needs to grow up for the sake of his wife and children. But when three local farmers try to catch him, Mr. Fox resorts to his tricks…

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Johnny Depp is a strange chameleon in this animated western comedy.

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first man

British studio Aardman Animations (best known for Wallace and Gromit) is back with this comedy set at the dawn of time, featuring the voices of Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston and Timothy Spall.

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Mirror Mirror

The reimagining of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs sees Julia Roberts as the vindictive queen in search of Lily Collins’ Snow White. It’s brilliant and garish at times, but it’s a pretty solid take on a story we all know and love.

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