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The Best Family and Kids Movies of 2022, According to Ranker

2022 is already a strong year for films aimed at children and families, such as the success of the Disney+ film Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers made clear. Indeed, many of the most popular and successful streamers have released films that have managed to capture the fun and enjoyment of youth, attracting a large segment of viewers, including nostalgic millennials and their children.

However, although there have been many movies released so far this year, only a few can truly be considered the best, which is why it is so useful that Ranker users identified who deserve this name.

Note: Ranking lists are live and continue to accumulate votes, so some rankings may have changed after this posting.


Saved by Ruby

Streaming on Netflix

Grant Gustin in Saved by Ruby

There’s something particularly appealing about movies that focus on the bond between people and their dogs. In the case of Saved by Rubyit gains additional emotional resonance due to the fact that the film’s main characters, both human and canine, see each other as the last chance to find meaning and acceptance in their lives as they make part of a K-9 search and rescue team.

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While some of its plot elements are predictable, the performances of the human cast, as well as the heartfelt nature of its story, mean it becomes a fitting tribute to the beautiful relationship between dogs and humans.

family camp

No streaming currently

The cast of Family Camp together in front of an archery target.

family camp is the type of comedy movie designed to be enjoyed by all members of the family. As the title suggests, it centers on a family that travels to a church camp in hopes of getting closer to each other, only to deal with a number of mishaps once there. It follows many of the rhythms one would expect from a family comedy of this type, rarely deviating from those lines.

However, it’s the deep bond between the family members and the obvious chemistry between the various cast members that helps make this one of the best family movies of 2022.

Better Nate than ever

Broadcast on Disney+

Libby and Nate smile together in a photo from Better Nate Than Ever

There have been many great musical films, many of which manage to capture the joy and fun of life. Better Nate than ever is one of them, focusing as it does on a young man, Nate, who sets out to become a Broadway star. It’s a film that knows how to hit the right notes in the genre, combining its modern elements (notably LGBTQ+ acceptance) with the old-school pleasures associated with the musical form.

With its central message of self-acceptance, it testifies to the enduring power of musical form.

turn red

Broadcast on Disney+

Getting Red Mei Rosalie Chiang

Pixar has been famous for many great movies, and turn red is sure to be considered one of them. Focusing on a young Canadian girl who discovers she has inherited her family’s mystical connection to the red panda, it has all the magic one would expect from the studio.

The dialogue is dazzling, and just as importantly, it also explores the kinds of important issues people expect from Pixar, including mother-daughter relationships, teenage hardships, and the immigrant experience.

Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers

Broadcast on Disney+

It’s kind of a golden age for live-action remakes of classic Disney movies, but Tic and Tac is notable for being a remake of a relatively obscure TV show. More importantly, it’s also a very smart movie, with subtle jokes at Disney’s expense. It’s further testament to the studio’s ability to make extensive use of its own properties to continue to entertain both new audiences and millennials nostalgic for their youth.

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Plus, it also features incredibly awesome voice work from Andy Samberg and John Mulaney and a huge cast of supporting actors.

Home team

Steam on Netflix

Coach Payton and Eric looking at his phone on Home Team

There’s no doubt that Kevin James is one of Hollywood’s most talented comedic actors, and he invariably brings his own charm to his characters. This is certainly true in Home team, in which he plays an NFL coach who, during his own team’s suspension, takes charge of coaching his teenage son. James excels at elevating this kind of fish-out-of-water story into something truly hilarious.

Moreover, it also features strong performances from the younger cast members.

Tyson’s Race

No streaming currently

Tyson while running in Tyson's Run

Tyson’s Race is notable for a number of reasons, including the fact that it includes an autistic person as its main character, a young man striving to become a successful marathon runner. Plus, it also manages to become more than just a sports movie.

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Much of this stems from Major Dodson’s power as Tyler, given that Dodson has autism in real life. With its skill in combining the sports and family elements of its story, it becomes a very moving film.

Buck Wild’s Ice Age Adventures

Broadcast on Disney+

Buck and Zee in Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

The Ice Age The series is one of the most beloved anime franchises. Although Buck has only been a supporting character in later entries in the series, he finally gets his own chance to shine in this film, which follows many of his adventures.

While the animation style isn’t quite as polished as other installments in the series, there’s no doubt that the film succeeds in large part thanks to the dynamic voice performance of Simon Pegg, who returns to voice the title character.

sonic the hedgehog 2

Stream on Paramount+

Sonic channels electricity in Sonic the Hedgehog 2

There have been many dynamic and enjoyable films made from video games, but sonic the hedgehog 2 is really something special. This sequel picks up the story of the first film, with the return of the villainous Dr. Robotnik. Given that it features much of the same cast as the first movie, it manages to avoid the crunch that so often plagues sequels.

Plus, it manages to capture the vibrancy and excitement of gaming, producing a fun movie for everyone in the family.

The villains

No streaming currently

The main Bad Guys characters driving a car in a chase early in the film

The success of an animated film very often depends on the dynamism of its villain, and this is what makes The villains such a fascinating film. It centers on a group of villains who claim to turn on the good side.

Although it starts out as a ruse, one of them actually begins to change. It’s an animated film that never loses sight of the fact that it’s designed to entertain a wide audience, and while the bright colors will appeal to young viewers, the clever dialogue and smart writing will appeal to adults.

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