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The 5 Best Netflix Animated Movies For Kids To Stream Right Now

While Netflix receives a lot of praise for its dramas and comedies, the streamer also produces top-notch children’s content that goes above and beyond. Cocomelon. The Mitchells against the Machines, Maya and the Three, and The Loud House Movie are prime examples of quality entertainment available on Netflix. But let’s not dismiss their film lineup. Below are five movies parents can stream for the foreseeable future.

‘On the Moon’ | Netflix

“Over the moon”

If you haven’t watched On the moon when he arrived on Netflix in October 2020, now is the time to absorb the Golden Globe and Oscar nominee. It’s a beautiful story about resilience, wonder and heartbreak that is steeped in mythology. Tears and laughter will flow freely when you meet Fei Fei and his family in this tale. From Netflix connection:

Driven by determination and a passion for science, a bright young girl builds a rocket to the moon to prove the existence of a legendary moon goddess. There, she finds herself on an unexpected quest and discovers a whimsical land of fantastic creatures.

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DreamWorks released Homepage in 2015, but now the animated film is living on Netflix. Rihanna plays Tip Tucci, a teenage girl separated from her mother during an alien invasion. After she reluctantly befriended Oh, an alien outcast from Boov, the couple embarked on two missions. They must find Tip’s mother (played by Jennifer Lopez) and stop an intergalactic war.

“Long live”

A Netflix original, Vivo features music by Lin-Manuel Miranda and voiceovers by Zoe Saldana, Michael Rooker and Brian Tyree Henry. The story follows Vivo, a kinkajou on a mission who enlists the help of a Gabi.

According to the Netflix synopsis:

Vivo and Andrés form the perfect duo for their common love for music. But when tragedy strikes soon after Andrés received a letter from famous Marta Sandoval (three-time Grammy-winning Latin pop legend Gloria Estefan) inviting her former partner to her farewell concert In the hope of reconnecting, it’s up to Vivo to deliver a message that Andrés never could: A love letter to Marta, written a long time ago, in the form of a song.

“My little pony: a new generation”

Vanessa Hudgens, James Marsden, Kimiko Glenn and Liza Koshy voice ponies in 2021 My little Pony Release. There is a division between pegasus, ponies, and unicorns in this lively tale that landed number one in October. Fear and mistrust prevail until two unlikely friends unite to restore harmony and magic – with glitter.

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“Wish dragon”

It’s also a Netflix original and features a star cast that includes Jimmy Wong, John Cho, and Constance Wu. A magical teapot, a long-lost crush, and an obligation to the spirit world make this heartwarming story a heartwarming one. to be continued.

By Netflix:

Din, a working-class student with big dreams but little means, and Long, a cynical but all-powerful wish-granting dragon, embarked on a hilarious adventure through today’s Shanghai. in pursuit of Din’s long-lost childhood friend, Lina. Their journey requires them to answer some of life’s biggest questions, because when you can wish for something, you have to decide what really matters.

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