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The 40 highest-grossing kids’ movies of all time – 24/7 Wall St.

We all remember the films that marked our childhood – “The Lion King”, “Aladdin”, “Toy Story” and its sequels – or perhaps non-Disney classics like “Iron Giant”, “My Neighbor Totoro” or “Pokémon: The First Movie. (If you’re a Disney fan, you might be interested in the best Disney movies of all time.)

Whether you’ve watched them in theaters, on VHS or DVD, or through streaming services, these movies have been mainstays that have helped make sleepovers, birthdays, and weekends away so memorable.

As children, we probably didn’t know how much our ticket purchases and subsequent viewership helped the media giants producing these films, or how such financial success led to the creation of famous sequels like “Toy Story.” Nos. 2, 3, and 4. But you might be surprised now how much money each of these hit kids’ movies made when they were released. (These are the highest-grossing children’s films of all time.)

To determine not only the highest-grossing children’s films, but also the highest-grossing children’s films of all time, 24/7 Tempo examined worldwide box office data and production budgets for films rated “G” by the Motion Picture Association of Numbers, an online movie database owned by Nash Information Services. (G-rated movies that aren’t obviously aimed at children – like “Gone with the Wind” and “2001: A Space Odyssey” were excluded.)

Films were ranked by the ratio of worldwide box office receipts to production budget, with data for both adjusted for inflation using historical ticket prices from the National Association of Theater Owners. Additional Data on Average User Ratings of IMDban Amazon-owned online movie and TV database, and Tomatometer scores from rotten tomatoesan online movie and TV series review aggregator, are current as of March 2022.

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