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The 20 best kids’ movies on HBO Max: September 2022

Taken away as if by magic.
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This article is updated frequently as titles go and come in. HBO Max. *New additions are marked with an asterisk.

Is this one of those nights where the whole family wants to watch a movie together? Or maybe you want something to entertain the little ones tonight? HBO Max’s deep catalog that can draw on classic cinema and years of Warner Bros. history. allows its family section to also be one of the richest, offering a little something for everyone in the 20 films below. We’ll keep this list constantly updated, so check back often for new recommendations for the whole family on HBO Max.

Year: 1983
Duration: 1 hour 34 minutes
Director: Bob Clark

It doesn’t have to be Christmas time to enjoy one of the most beloved holiday movies in history. Bob Clark directed a slice of nostalgia that didn’t have much of an impact when it was released, but became a huge hit in the days of VHS and seasonal cable shows that made it a favorite of all the time. Peter Billingsley, Melinda Dillon and Darren McGavin star in this sweet and hysterical story of an average American family around Christmas.

Year: 2003
Duration: 1h36
Directors: Jon Favreau

It doesn’t have to be the holidays to watch one of Will Ferrell’s happiest and most adorable films. Before Iron Man, Jon Favreau has made a glorious fable about a human being raised by Santa’s elves and the trouble he encounters on a trip to New York to find his biological father. It works any time of the year.

Year: 1995
Duration: 1h 37m
Director: Dwight Small

What a strange phenomenon at the box office Save Willy happened to be in the early and mid-90s, spawning two sequels in 1995 and 1997, both on HBO Max. Funnily enough, the whale rescue movie that started it all isn’t on HBO Max as of this writing, so consider the sequel a placeholder until the original, and still the best, returns. .

Year: 1985
Duration: 1h 54m
Director: Richard Donner

Richard Donner’s adventure film became one of the most beloved original properties of the decade with its family fun mixed with legitimate scares. The story of a group of kids who try to save their house from foreclosure and discover an old treasure map in the process mixes humor and action in a way that doesn’t really happen in family movies anymore. It holds up wonderfully well.

Year: 2006
Duration: 1h 48m
Director: george miller

George Miller would have a place in movie history if he only did the madmax moviesbut he also made two pairs of family classics in the baby movies and happy feet movies, tales of a penguin who needs to learn his heart song. Winner of the Best Animated Feature Oscar, it’s a cheerful musical, and the sequel is arguably just as good. Note: the second film is also on HBO Max.

Year: 2011
Duration: 2h 6m
Director: Martin Scorsese

Nominated for 11 Oscars (and winning five), Hugo is one of Scorsese’s most acclaimed and beloved films, which should still put an end to all those dumb insinuations that the legendary director doesn’t know what to do with mob movies. It’s a whimsical and delicious movie that you can watch with the whole family, and while it might not be In 3D on HBO Max, you can still enjoy its endless visual glory.

Year: 2001-2011
Duration: Varied
Director: Various

One of the greatest film franchises of all time has a habit of bouncing around streamers, spending time on HBO Max, and then alternating with Peacock. Right now it’s on the Max, where fans can catch up on the Boy Who Lived saga across the eight films in this mega-franchise. Sure, it’s a mix of quality – all franchises are – but the first movie might be better than you remember (even if the third is still the best).

Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone

Year: 2008
Duration: 1h 31m
Director: John Stevenson and Mark Osborne

Films about Po (Jack Black), the martial arts-loving panda, have a habit of bouncing around on streaming services. Right now, the only movie from this mega-franchise that’s on HBO Max is the original comedy hit from 2008, though fans would probably tell you it’s the best anyway. kung fu panda was massive, spawning two sequels, a spin-off TV series, and more. See where it all started.

Year: 2017
Duration: 1h 44m
Director: Chris McKay

More than just a kid’s take on a superhero movie or parody of the genre, this family flick is a legitimately smart, well-crafted action movie. Will Arnett shoots his version of the Dark Knight which was created in The Lego Movie for a movie that unpacks Bruce Wayne and Batman clichés in a funny and very smart way.

Year: 1994
Duration: 1h 58m
Director: Gillian Armstrong

Louisa May Alcott’s beloved 19th century novel was suitable for the screen a few times but Armstrong is one of the most popular releases, a family movie keepsake for a generation of people who were kids in the 90s. a film that won the future stranger things star his second and last (to date) Oscar nomination.

Year: 1984
Duration: 1h34
Director: Wolfgang Peterson

why not watch Dustin’s favorite movie? Wolfgang Peterson adapted Michael Ende’s book with results that touched an entire generation unwittingly marked by intense emotion and complex storytelling. Adapting the first half of the book, Petersen’s film tells two stories, that of Bastian being bullied in the real world and that of his counterpart Atreyu in the story he is reading.

Year: 2018
Duration: 1h 44m
Director: Paul King

What a lovely movie Paddington 2 is for the whole family. Paul King has returned to direct the sequel to the 2014 original, a film that actually tops its predecessor in both humor and heart. Ben Whishaw returns to voice the marmalade-loving bear in a story that takes Paddington to jail and teaches him lessons about community that make it seem like they never talk to kids. It really works for all ages.

Year: 1985
Duration: 1h31
Director: Tim Burton

Yes, everyone liked it Pee-Wee Playhouse, but it was truly the incredible 1985 comedy that made Pee-Wee Herman a beloved icon. Directed by Tim Burton, making his feature film debut, it’s a clever road trip comedy about a boy trying to get his bike back, but it’s also so much more, including never being afraid to speak out. It’s joyful, hysterical, and it held up perfectly.

Year: 2011
Duration: 1h 47m
Director: Gore Verbinski

Gore Verbinski made an incredible animated film, which went on to win an Oscar, as it features some of the most inspired visuals of any animated film of this decade. Featuring the voice work of Johnny Depp, Rango is a chameleon who has stumbled across a town called Dirt in this inventive riff on the Western genre that’s aimed at kids and adults alike.

Year: 1993
Duration: 1h41
Director: Agnieszka Holland

There are several versions of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s 1911 novel (including one with Colin Firth in 2020) but the one on HBO Max by Agnieszka Holland is arguably the best. It features Kate Maberly as Mary Lennox, the orphan who goes to live with her rich uncle and discovers that he has a secret garden on his land. It is a moving fantasy film that does not alleviate the real problem of mourning for the little ones.

Steven Universe: The Movie

Year: 2001
Duration: 2h 4m
Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Almost all of Studio Ghibli’s movies are on HBO Max, their now exclusive streaming home. The truth is, we could dedicate about 10% of this list to Hayao Miyazaki and his colleagues, but we’ll give up some of that space and tell you here for the ranking of all the production of the most important modern animation studio in the world. start with Taken away as if by magic, My Neighbor Totoroand Castle in THE sky. You will not stop.

Year: 2005
Duration: 1h 17m
Director: Tim Burton and Mike Johnson

The beloved director returned to stop-motion storytelling with his hit 2005 film co-directed by Mike Johnson but unmistakably a Tim Burton creation. It’s a wonderful slice of dark comedy featuring the voice work of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in the tale of a love triangle between a man, a woman, and a ghost. Like all of Burton’s animation work, it could not have been done by anyone else.

The Teen Titans Go! At the movie theater

Year: nineteen eighty one
Duration: 1h 56m
Director: terry gilliam

Between his Monty Python era and the production of Brazil, Terry Gilliam secured funding for a fantastic family film that would end like no other. Casting some of his Python pals (Michael Palin, John Cleese) and legends like Sean Connery, Ian Holm, David Warner, and many more, bandits of time is an imaginative fairy tale about a boy who travels through time with a group of rowdy thieves. It’s like nothing else.

Year: 1971
Duration: 1h 39m
Director: Mel Stuart

It was announced in January 2021 that the creatives were once again returning to the well and telling a story of Willy Wonka’s early days before he opened his famous chocolate shop. There’s a reason this 1971 musical has stood the test of time for five decades, passed down as a beloved family movie from generation to generation. Gene Wilder gives one of the most timeless performances of all time. He will work his magic on children forever.

Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory

Year: 1939
Duration: 1h 41m
Director: Victor Fleming

Perhaps you have heard of it? Seriously, what could be written if you’re on the fence about The Wizard of Oz? Maybe you haven’t seen him since you were little? Revisit Dorothy’s Journey across the Rainbow if so and enjoy this wondrous fantasy on a new level.

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