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Taemin releases awesome ‘2 Kids’ music video filled with heartbreak and choreography, leaving fans ‘speechless’


SHINee’s highly anticipated return of Taemin is finally here. The song’s teasers have earned it comparisons to G-Dragon’s iconic “Crooked” music video, and Taemin’s new visual certainly lived up to those expectations.

‘2 KIDS’ is a pre-release single and serves as a sort of prologue to Taemin’s third Korean studio album, ‘Never Gonna Dance Again’. The album is slated to have two parts, with an initial release in August. Prior to the release of this album, Taemin was an active participant in K-pop supergroup, SuperM, which released their eponymous debut EP last year which featured the lead single, ‘Jopping’. Fans have been eagerly awaiting a follow-up album from Taemin since its highly successful 2017 release, “Move,” as well as a follow-up SuperM release, but both returns were reportedly pushed back, leaving many fans deeply disappointed.

Taemin of K-pop supergroup SuperM attends a press conference at Capitol Records to welcome the release of SuperM’s debut EP, 1st mini album “SuperM” at Capitol Records Studio on October 03, 2019 in Hollywood, Calif. (Getty Images)

However, when Taemin dropped a cryptic teaser featuring two children, fans knew something was brewing. And their suspicions paid off, as soon after, the return of the ‘2 KIDS’ singer was announced. And many couldn’t help but be moved that Taemin’s hard work was finally released. One fan shared, “I’m so moved I can’t believe we’re finally hearing what Taemin is working on, I’m so excited and happy that it’s finally happening.” Another tweet read: “I can’t imagine how excited and nervous Taemin must be right now, he’s been waiting for so long.”

And what he’s working on is obviously stellar music and an equally stellar visual to go with it. The ‘2 KIDS’ video takes full advantage of the city’s nighttime lights and sees Taemin deliver a stunning performance of a character clearly tormented by memories and mistakes of the past. Taemin’s sweet and melodic song and performance have already moved fans, with a tweet, “The way I cry.”

Along with the visuals and acting, however, the song also features magnificent choreography, something we’ve come to expect from Taemin but never fails to amaze nonetheless. One fan said: “Watch Taemin dance, with his ethereal voice I’m really impressed, Taemin never fails to leave me speechless.” Another fan shared, “AFTER 1 YEAR. It never fails to disappoint”, while one fan said, “Taemin, I fucking love you.” And one fan said, “I’M IN TEARS! IT WAS TOO GOOD TAEMIN! OMG! TAAAAEMIIIIIIIIN! Babiiiiiie!

The sad and melancholy tones of the song naturally make some fans wonder who hurt Taemin so much. One fan said, “This concept is so sad baby Taemin, whoever that other kid is, I’m going to fuck them up for you.”

This is clear from the fan reactions Taemin has delivered, once again. The song stands out from the crowd, the visuals are there and the choreography is impeccable. As one fan put it, “EVERYBODY IS WATCHING THIS MASTERPIECE, YOU WON’T REGRET IT.”

Check out the “masterpiece” below!

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