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SWB on creating rap for suburban kids


Emerging Artist SWB is a lesson in channeling anger into productive action. Born in Massachusetts, he began writing and recording music as a way to call people he had problems with. It all started with one piece of diss, then another and another. Each incident generated a lot of hype and attention from everyone around him at that time. In college, his musical career developed further through collaborations, a mixtape, and even live performances. SWB started making music to get a message across and be heard. Despite his growing popularity, his focus has not shifted to money or fame. For him, it was always about influence and reach.

SWB doesn’t think of himself as a rapper. Rap is just a way to spread messages and vibes that other people can consume. His music is heavily influenced by his father’s rise from poverty and abuse to the CEO of a large company he built from scratch. This state of mind of determination and perseverance is a frequent theme in his music. He also touched on many important topics such as racism, sexual assault and alcoholism among others. Along with the usual party tracks, it has a diverse style and incredible depth that goes way beyond. In his next EP Final words, he discusses his father’s story, police brutality, pedophilia in America and calls out to people of the past. However, he never sacrifices a weak instrument for an important message – every beat in the new EP is harsh and catchy.

SWB holds an MA in Global Entertainment and Music Business from Berklee College of Music and he studied at their school in Valencia., campus of Spain. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Loyola University Maryland Advertising and Marketing. Unlike many in the industry, it actswent to school and studied the music industry. He has a deep understanding of the industry, artist management, finance, trends and fully understands why some artists are popular and others never get attention. Recently, he signed with the Youngville agency, which guarantees 100% ownership of his masters and his brand.

SWB makes music for those who enjoy lyrical rap with real messages without sacrificing amazing instrumentals. Many of his fans are suburban kids who don’t feel well represented by guns, drugs, and gang life rap, a common theme in hip-hop. His music is aimed more at suburban audiences who grew up with different experiences, such as college or who are more socially aware. He makes music for people who care about a hip hop message and lyrics but want to hear it on a catchy beat.

What sets SWB apart from other musical artists is that he never tried to get rich or famous. Her goal has always been to improve herself and get her message across to more people. He spoke on topics related to racism, sexual assault and alcoholism in addition to the traditional party tracks. SWB brings a new perspective and unique experience to a genre full of imitators, focusing on quality instrumentals. His creative process is to first create an amazing instrument before writing a single word.

SWB sees itself involved in the management and ownership of the club going forward. Entertainment is an integral part of his life and he wants to create spaces for people to play and consume music. He’s been hosting parties and events nonstop since he was sixteen, so he always brought people together, making sure they had loud music, enough booze, and a ton of fun.

Discover SWB’s latest single, “Danger in the Neighborhood” for free on Spotify.


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