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Disney and Pixar dominate the children’s film market these days, but millennials like us remember a simpler time. Okay, so Disney dominated the kids’ movie market for a while, but at least back then other studios still had a fighting chance!

Maybe ’90s kids ditched their VHS collections or lost them in garage sales days ago, but we bet they remember the’ 90s kids’ movies history left behind. .

Yes, back in our youthful days we would play our favorite ’90s kids’ movies over and over again, but some just didn’t make the cultural imprint of The Lion King Where Aladdin. We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite forgotten kids ‘movies from the’ 90s to introduce the next generation to some of the most underrated gems of the decade.

We are back! A dinosaur story

History may have forgotten the years 1993 We are back!, but the kids of the ’90s remember the dinosaur story that gave our dinosaur friends a personality and a glimpse into what life would be like if they returned.

The film draws all the thread: dinosaurs are brought back from the early days, made intelligent and presented to children to make their dreams come true by a selfless scientist.

However, his evil brother wants to use them to scare the children. The movie is like a wild fever dream, and is really scary at times (those who saw it in childhood remember the trauma forever). Bonus: Yeardley Smith, aka Lisa Simpson’s voice, undeniably reuses lil Lisa’s signature sound for one of the main characters.

Camp nowhere

If you haven’t seen Camp nowhere, you’re just missing something. The plot of the film is a child’s dream come true: Children trick their parents into letting them go to an unattended summer camp for an entire summer. What is happening at the camp? A lot.

Fireworks are fired, first kisses are shared, and generally healthy hijinks follow. That is until the kids realize that they really have to fend for themselves. Things get worse when parents start sniffing out Parent’s Day, but the con artist who lands kids in their camp, played by Christopher Lloyd, helps the gang carry out the scam of a lifetime. Camp nowhere is a little-known masterpiece by children of the 90s.

Richie rich

The public remembers the Alone at home movies, My daughter, and Uncle Buck, but of all of Macaulay Culkin’s 90s movies, Richie rich is often forgotten by the typical fan. Before the MCU, Richie rich was the greatest comic book movie (believe it) of 1994.

Richie rich is a great ’90s kids movie because like every movie listed so far, the story gives kids a vision of a dream come true. Holder Richie Rich is loaded, and the Candle Boy has everything except friends (awwwwww). Of course, that changes as the movie progresses. He soon discovers that he can make real friends who aren’t just after his treats. What goodies? He has a McDonald’s at his house. ‘Nuff said.

The Adventures of Pinocchio

We all remember the 40s Disney classic Pinocchio, but few remember the years 1996 The Adventures of Pinocchio. The live-action flick was stacked with the other ’90s kids’ movies, but the film is incredibly unique with a cast of crazy professionals.

The film is now more geared towards adults, as cast experts Martin Landau, Udo Kier, and Bebe Neuwirth are gaining a bit of maturity to enjoy. The movie itself is super weird with an animatronic Pinocchio puppet, and downright terrifying at times. If you think the donkey transformation scene in Disney’s Pinocchio is scary, just wait and see Adventures.

What’s your favorite ’90s children’s movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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