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Popular children’s channel Cartoon Network is NOT shutting down. – FactCrescendo

Cartoon Network Company itself denied the virus claim.

Following the announcement of Cartoon Network’s merger with Warner Bros. Animation, the internet was flooded with “RIP Cartoon Network” messages. Many people assumed that Cartoon Network’s closure would mark the end of an era they had cherished for decades. Millennials shared childhood memories on Twitter. Some credited CNN for making their childhood unforgettable. Most people shared the names of their favorite shows, features, and memories.

Cartoon Network is an American cable television channel owned by Warner Bros. Discovery was founded on October 1, 1992, and is one of the oldest cartoon channels in existence.

Fact check-

We began our investigation by checking the official CN Networks Twitter account and found a tweet in which the company denies the viral claim that the channel is shutting down. The tweet reads: “Y’all, we’re not dead, we just turned 30. To our fans: we’re not going anywhere. We have been and always will be your home for beloved and innovative cartoons. More to come soon!

Collider, an American online entertainment platform, announced on October 12, 2022 that the network was merging with its sister studio to consolidate their animation divisions. While the studios will be merged, the labels will remain independent.

Following CN Network’s clarification, media reported the same Hindustan time said “According to ABC News, Warner Bros. Television Group (WBTVG) has announced that approximately 26% of staff, for a total of 125 positions, in scripts, unscripted and animation, have been cut. On the other hand, Channing Dungey, CEO of Warner Bros. Television, said the merger between Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. could have more effects than their initial planning. Meanwhile, Cartoon Network’s latest update has brought relief to worried fans.


Fact Crescendo found the claim made with the viral post to be Fake. The Cartoon Network company itself has denied the allegation, it is clear that the network is not shutting down and the viral allegation is false.


Title:Popular children’s channel Cartoon Network is NOT shutting down.

Fact check by: Usha Manoj

Results: Fake