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New children’s music, videos from Claudia Gunn, Todd’n’Tina and Daria

TV had Game of Thrones. The movie had The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Children’s music includes Claudia Robin Gunn’s series of songs about the seasons. The latest, “Winter Snow”, features two blue penguins frolicking in the middle of winter. They watch snowflakes, go ice fishing, shovel their car and have a snowball fight. Don’t worry about these critters – they were blue in previous videos so the extreme cold didn’t round them blue. You can find more of Claudia’s music on her Soundcloud page, including her “Sing Through the Year” song collection. Here is the first video of “Winter Snow”:

Minneapolis-based Todd’n’Tina (songwriter Todd Millenacker and educator Krissy Mondelli) have released a new video for their song, “Silly String,” featuring a class of kids with containers of multicolored string spray. What could go wrong?

Bilingual folk singer Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou celebrates first responders with her pandemic children’s song, “Thank You Doctors and Nurses.” The tireless and thankless work done to protect families from the global community motivated Daria to write an inspirational anthem, in the tradition of her idols like Ella Jenkins, Raffi and Pete Seeger.
Thanks to the doctors and nurses

Daria has spent her pandemic hosting virtual workshops with children around the world. While working with a group of immigrant children in Australia learning English as a second language, Daria was galvanized to compose “Thank You Doctors and Nurses”, based on these children’s heartfelt expressions of gratitude for the professionals. who had “saved their lives”. ”

Supporting materials for “Thank You Doctors and Nurses” are available for families and educational programs on the Teachers Pay Teachers website. You can download lyric sheets, a karaoke version, posters and thank you cards for use in the classroom that can be personalized to thank specific doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

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