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Marshmello unveils miniature character “Lil Mello” on children’s channel “Mellodees” –

Marshmello unveiled ‘Little Mello, an adorable miniature version of the superstar EDM artist.

The recent launch of “Mellodees” saw the DJ and music producer develop a children’s channel with weekly 3D videos and sparkling music created by the man behind the mask.

The final episode of “Mellodees” is highlighted by an appearance by ‘Lil Mello, who visits the series’ main character, Dee, a musical robot. The mini version of Marshmello is as cute as you might imagine.

From the imagination of one of dance music’s most popular artists and his revered manager, “Mellodees” has already achieved undeniable success. According to a press release, Dee and “Mellodees” are expected to feature in the very first iHeartMedia Saturday Morning Dance Party, a “family music event for kids and parents across the United States.” Families can listen to the series on August 22 and 29 and also stream it on iHeartRadio’s Facebook page.

You can check out “Wheels On The Bus” and faint to “Lil Mello” below.



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