Kids music

KIDS MUSIC DAY – October 7, 2022

History of Children’s Music Day

It goes without saying that participating in creating, playing, or even listening to music has strong academic and social benefits, especially for children. It improves mood, alleviates stress and promotes mindful focus in children as they cope with the pressures of their academic pursuits. Music education, both formal and informal, is known to have lasting and positive effects on many of the most famous and successful people in American society, including scientists, inventors, doctors, and entrepreneurs. .

The benefits of engaging in music become more pronounced with children. Learning to play a musical instrument or simply humming melodies helps them focus and reach their full potential. A day devoted to music can greatly motivate children to take up music as an active hobby and perhaps later as a full-time profession. Recognizing this, Keep Music Alive, a non-profit organization that aims to help children benefit from music in their education, as therapy and for social purposes, founded Kids Music Day in 2016.

Dedicating one day a year, Kids Music Day strives to inspire children to actively enjoy the benefits of music. Kids Music Day also aims to instill in children the habit of living in the moment. Playing with music can help them understand the value of consciously focusing on an activity to maximize its benefits.

Kids Music Day, which began in the United States as an experiment, has grown into a movement that is rapidly spreading across North America. Besides the United States, some places in Canada also celebrate it.