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Kids movies streaming or in theaters now

Spring break 2021 is here! At this time last year, the pandemic shutdowns had just begun. The children left school after the first or second week of March not knowing when they would return, but none of us thought it would be a year later.

Over the past 12 months, parents everywhere––even famous parents––having juggled work, virtual school teaching and full-time parenthood simultaneously. We’ve torn up all of our tips for keeping the kids busy. The craft closet has been looted, the kids have been taught to ride two-wheeled bikes, and the playdoh is all dried up.

So, with another week off, we’re looking for ways to keep the kids busy. The good news is that theaters across the country are reopening and with remakes of classics like Tom and Jerry and new movie releases like Raya and the last dragonthere are some good kids movies in theaters that are worth watching together.

Check out our additional tips for how to return to the cinema safely And if you’re traveling and need streaming downloads for kids to help you get on a plane ride or road trip, we’ve got some great kids movie streaming choices below.

To break up screen time, be sure to bring some of these children’s books written by Hollywood stars.

Oh, and wherever you enjoy these films or books – at the cinema, at home, on the road or in the air –don’t forget the popcorn.

Kids movies in theaters now

Nothing like seeing a movie at the cinema. So imagine how the whole experience is larger than life for the kids. The screen is hugethey sink into the reclining seats, the sound is epic, and the popcorn and candy are a treat they rarely get at a time. We imagine your kids will remember going to the movies like this scene from the 1982 movie Anne:

And for parents, having their children sitting quietly is a real spring break:

For children’s movies in theaters, you have three great new movie releases: Raya and the Last Dragon, Tom and Jerry, The Croods: A New Age.

Children’s films in theaters now: Raya and the last dragon

Children’s films in theaters now: Tom and Jerry

Children’s films in theaters now: The Croods: A New Era

Be sure to check open cinemas near you as many cinemas are screening additional classic films like Anne and others.

Discover the open cinemas near you:

Use this tool to find a CMA cinema near you.
Use this tool to find a Cinemark cinema near you.
Use this tool to find a Paragon cinema near you.
Use this tool to find a Mark cinema near you.
Use this tool to find a Bow tie cinema near you.

Do you have a group of children? Consider rent a movie theater (we have all the details for you here) for an experience you can’t replicate in your own living room.

Kids movies streaming now

If you’re hitting the road or traveling for spring break, there are a ton of kid-friendly streaming options to keep them entertained on the trip. Maybe–just maybe––they’ll be so engrossed in these movies that they’ll just say, “Are we there yet? » 25 times instead of 100.

We know what you’re thinking: in the last year of quarantine, surely the kids have been watching the latest, right?

That’s why we’re adding a twist to our list of streaming movies for kids: here are the movies for kids you may have loved as a child that your child has yet to see.

Kids’ movies streaming now: For young kids

The sound of music: Disney+
The Original 1964 Mary Poppins: Disney+
curly sue: Buy or rent on Amazon Prime
Little Giants: Buy or rent on Amazon Prime
The love bug: Disney+
The little rascals: Buy or rent on Amazon Prime
Matilda: Buy or rent on Amazon Prime
The sword in the stone: Disney+
The black cauldron: Disney+
The Rescuers Below: Disney+
Dennis threatens her: HBO Max
The hunter: Hulu

Kids’ movies streaming now: For older kids

jurassic park: Buy or rent on Amazon Prime
Goonies: Buy or rent on Amazon Prime
sandlot: Hulu (with the Starz extension) or buy or rent on Amazon Prime
The Mighty Ducks: Disney+
Alone at home: Disney+
HEY: Buy or rent on Amazon Prime
The princess to be married: Disney+
The Wizard of Oz: Hulu
Back to the future: Buy or rent on Amazon Prime (We’ve compiled a whole list of time travel movies to watch here)
men in black: Hulu (with the Starz extension) or buy or rent on Amazon Prime

Maybe it’s not the kids who need spring break at all, but rather the parents. So call the grandparents, babysitters, neighbors and check new movie releases in theaters for a well-deserved evening away from home and away from the children.

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