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Johnny Depp’s Best Roles in Children’s Movies

Johnny Depp is known as Hollywood’s chameleon for his ability to transform into virtually any character and not be associated with any other role. He transcends into another world when he acts, which is why so many of his roles are eccentric and leave him virtually unrecognizable.

With all the shadow Johnny has had over the past few years, we thought it would be nice to focus on his craft and the joy he has brought to so many homes over the years. Johnny Depp plays many roles that our little ones can’t watch, but there are several that are suitable for kids of all ages. We’ve compiled our list of the best Johnny Depp movies you can watch as a family and everyone will enjoy.

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In rangothe actor who can transform into any character, literally plays a chameleon. And true to real life, he plays an actor, who is enlisted, voluntarily, to save the small western town from Dirt, because they have a water shortage that he pledges to solve. It’s hilarious and silly and great for all ages.

James M. Barrie: In Search of Neverland

Finding Neverland is a film based on the true story of James M. Barrie’s work on a story you may have heard of – Peter Pan. The story follows the failed playwright and his struggle to regain his name by coming up with a story that will impress Charles Frohman, who needs another play to keep his theater running. James meets a widow, Sylvia (Kate Wislet) and her 4 boys while walking her dog in the park. They begin to make a connection and spend time together, which is enjoyable for all but a boy named Peter (Freddie Highmore). After learning more about boys and seeing how fleeting childhood is, James is inspired to write the story of Peter Pan.

Johnny Depp plays this character with a soft, kind voice that is amazing to watch, and utterly believable as the man who could have created such a masterpiece. It’s a great family film, if not a bit touching. Maybe keep a few tissues handy.

Willy Wonka: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka via

We all remember the original Willy Wonky and the Chocolate Factory from 1971, but the Tim Burton version from 2005, is truly spectacular. From Johnny Depp’s transformation into Willy Wonka, to the extra eccentricities he adds to the character, it’s a wonder that you’re taken through the factory and into the dark, yet colorful, story of Wonka’s world. It’s a great family movie to watch with some candy and popcorn, and maybe a top hat.

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands is a story for an older child. It tells the story of an almost finished young man who lives alone after the tragic death of his creator. A woman discovers him and takes him home to live with her and her family. The townspeople love Edward, Scissorhands and all, until the slightest thing goes wrong, so they all show their true human nature.

Depp is once again unrecognizable as Edward, and his game is unlike any, not even himself. He’s a real genius in that old 1990 movie, but your family will love him.

Mad Hatter: Alice in Wonderland

This role was made for Johnny Depp. That’s right. Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland in 1865 for an actor who would not be born until almost 100 years later. Maybe not, but it suited him perfectly.

It’s a great movie for kids to watch, and Depp portrays the Mad Hatter over “tea.” Again, Depp’s ability to create a character that can’t be compared to another he’s played is on display here. Another entertaining family movie for all family members.

Victor Van Dort: The Corpse Bride

Now this movie only has Depp’s voice, but after watching movie after movie with your child, you know it makes a huge difference, and again, Depp is wonderfully scary as Victor Van Dort, in this beautiful story of a man who falls in love with a dead girl. It’s a beautiful story, with which takes an incredible journey that only Depp’s mind can take, with the help, of course, of Tim Burton who is the visionary genius of this dark romance.

Jack Sparrow: Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow on cairo360

Unless you really don’t watch TV, you know who Captain Jack Sparrow is. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s about a rum-loving pirate who was stolen – his pirate ship called “The Black Pearl”. Jack, hated by all for being a pirate, assembles a skeletal crew of old shipmates and two new ones, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan, and they set out to find The Pearl and recover it from the horrific pirates who betrayed Jack. . and stole his ship,

Johnny Depp based this character on a drunk Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones, and Keith even made an appearance in the 4th pirate movie. Johnny’s transformation into a scattered pirate, which really wasn’t that bad, was awesome. His movements, his pace, his accent are impeccable as a good-thief-pirate.

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