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Interactive Map: These are the Halloween kids’ movies every state is looking for in 2021


(WGHP) – It’s been over 50 years since the Mystery Machine hit the scene, but kids are still clamoring for “Scooby-Doo” when looking for a scary movie to celebrate Halloween.

Dish compiled a list of children’s Halloween movies rated PG and G and used SEMRush to see which had the highest keyword search rankings. They then browsed the movies through Google Trends to find the movies each state searches the most.

“Scooby-Doo” emerged as number one in 13 states, followed by “Coraline” which topped the list in 11 states.

“Ghostbusters” (8), “Beetlejuice” (5), “Hocus Pocus” (4) and “ET” (4) were next for the most state wins.

“Coco” came out with just two states, barely distinguishing it from the films that won a slot each: “Gremlins” in North Dakota, “Halloweentown” in Oregon, “Hotel Transylvania” in Wyoming, “The Addams Family “in Montana and” The Witches “in Washington, DC

State Most Wanted Scary Kids Movies in 2021
Alabama Scooby doo
Alaska Scooby doo
Arizona Coraline
Arkansas beetle juice
California Coraline
Colorado beetle juice
Connecticut Hocus pocus
Delaware beetle juice
District of Colombia The witches
Florida HEY
Georgia Coraline
Hawaii HEY
Idaho ghost hunters
Illinois Coraline
Indiana Scooby doo
Iowa Scooby doo
Kansas Scooby doo
Kentucky Coraline
Louisiana Scooby doo
Maine HEY
Maryland HEY
Massachusetts Hocus pocus
Michigan Scooby doo
Minnesota Scooby doo
Mississippi Scooby doo
Missouri ghost hunters
Montana The Addams Family
Nebraska Scooby doo
Nevada Coraline
New Hampshire ghost hunters
New Jersey Coraline
New Mexico coco
new York Coraline
North Carolina Scooby doo
North Dakota Gremlins
Ohio Scooby doo
Oklahoma ghost hunters
Oregon Halloween town
Pennsylvania ghost hunters
Rhode Island Hocus pocus
Caroline from the south Scooby doo
South Dakota beetle juice
Tennessee ghost hunters
Texas coco
Utah Coraline
Vermont beetle juice
Virginia ghost hunters
Washington Coraline
West Virginia Hocus pocus
Wisconsin ghost hunters
Wyoming Hotel Transylvania