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Indian channel Gubbare Kids’ Channel launches first original toon

Gubbare of the IN10 Media Network is ready to take on the competition in children’s entertainment with its first original content. After immense research and understanding of the viewer’s TV consumption behavior, the children’s channel will introduce the magical martial arts superhero Akki Jaanbaaz on screens on December 27.

Aiming to create a model for young viewers with a unique storyline, the show will feature classic martial arts moves and playful characters that resonate with children across the country. The series centers on nine-year-old Akki as he juggles his normal life and his superhero character, fueled by a magic belt. Akki Jaanbaaz is produced by the local entertainment center Toonz Media Group. (Brain teaser)

Since launching in 2020, Gubbare has kept kids at heart – whether characters or stories / The launch of IPs is a big milestone for us as we move towards a bigger slice of the pie viewers, ”said Brian D’Costa, AVP – Channel Content and Strategy. “With local, relevant and entertaining stories, we will further strengthen our original programming in multiple languages, as we want to connect with children from all regions. Children today want differentiated content and our new line will fill that need in the genre.

To interact with the audience, the channel will launch a high-intensity marketing plan to Akki Jaanbaaz, including Instagram filters, AR / VR characterization, and a dance challenge, giving kids the chance to win cool merchandise.

In the pipeline are two other original titles ” Roro aur Hero – Bhoot mast! Zabardast and Akul aur Nakul – The Asuras. Both shows, spanning different genres, explore themes of friendship, family, and good versus evil, but marry them to comedy with the help of lovable characters.

Targeting at young audiences, the channel aims to be a one-stop entertainment destination for children across the country. True to the channel’s slogan – “Masti Ke Phuwarre” (Fountains of Pleasure) – the IP news will celebrate high-quality magic, action and animation and expand Gubbare’s library to build affinities with its loyal following. Efforts are also being made to keep content relevant globally.

Akki Jaanbaaz premieres at 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. on December 27 in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu. New and upcoming shows will also be available on the OTT platform of the EPIC ON network.