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I only give my kids ‘music’ names – I have Nirvana & Jude, now I’m expecting a 3rd and people say my picks are cringe

CALL Jack or Oliver in a playground and about 10 heads will turn.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – they’re great names.


People were cruel about mother’s choicesCredit: Getty

Call Nirvana and it’s less likely.

Still, that didn’t stop a mother from naming her child after the popular band fronted by Kurt Cobain.

And her other child is named Jude, after the famous Beatles song.

Now pregnant with her third, she’s not sticking to the usual rules but opting for a music-themed nickname.

She asked the good folks at Mumsnet for advice.

She said: “We are looking for a sibling name to go with older sister Nirvana and older brother Jude.

“I’m in love with both DCs [darling children’s] names.

“Nirvana was originally named after the band that me and dp [darling partner] the two really like each other, but when we looked at the meaning, it just settled for us, and with Jude, we were inspired by the Beatles song

“These are names we like but can’t use: Hendrix – we didn’t like the nn [nickname] options and we didn’t quite feel it.

“Fender – we loved the connection to Fender amps and guitars, but it didn’t feel like a full name to us.

“Bowie – first choice dp at the moment with a possibly longer name Boden but we already have a Beau in our family who is often called Bowie.

“The Blues – Family doesn’t feel like that’s an appropriate name to use.

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“Indie – my first choice and I’m trying to convince dp.

“Fox – it’s my second choice but maybe I don’t like the nickname Foxy.”

People were completely stunned – and quite brutal. “After Nirvana, another music-themed name would cringe,” one person said.

“I get that you like names that are out of the ordinary, but the only name that isn’t musical is Fox and I think that’s pretty awful.”

Another added: “It’s squeaky. It’s your children’s names for life and not your musical preferences that should be taken into account.

“What if they hate indie/grunge. What if we called you Disco or Jive or Twist? Don’t bother them anymore…”

Another added: “Everyone is snickering behind your back.”

And one suggested, “Queen. Very topical and definitely unusual for a boy.”