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How Volodymyr Zelenskyy went from DWTS to RomComs to children’s films to become the world’s most respected leader

It is therefore important not to jump to conclusions about the course of the war in Ukraine. Take for example this report, that the 13 intrepid souls of the island who were ordered to surrender did not have “Russian warship: fuck off” as their last words as we were told. said. That they are, in fact, still alive:

And although we would all like to believe these latest figures from the Ukrainian government:

…we must resist temptation. As the 18th century lexicographer Samuel Johnson said, “Among the calamities of war may be justly reckoned the diminishing of the love of truth, by the lies which self-interest dictates and credulity encourages .”

That said, if there’s one thing all free people can agree on, it’s that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is an international superstar. If you subscribe to the Great Man theory of history – which happens to me – you believe that world events have always been shaped by individuals of superior courage, intelligence and leadership. And this story has a way of delivering them to exactly the right place at the right time. And unless the way things are reported outside Ukraine is very, very far from the truth, Zelensky is such a great man. Hold on. Defying the demands he flees for his own safety. Gather his people. Inspire his troops. Lead counterattacks. And maybe make this invasion too costly for Russia to continue.

And when you look at Zelenskyy’s pre-political past, it makes perfect sense:

Independent – He went from being a comedian and role of the fictional president in a TV show to being a real leader of Ukraine and defending his country against Russia.

Zelenskyy graduated from college with a law degree but became involved in acting while studying.

In 2005, when he was 27, Zelenskyy played the lead role of D’Artagnan in a musical comedy television movie by The three Musketeers, which he also wrote. Zelenskyy’s version of the classic Alexandre Dumas story saw D’Artagnan travel to Paris to join Treville’s regiment, only to find that the regiment was female and all the musketeers were female.

The following year he was the champion of the Ukrainian version of Dancing with the Stars. A video of him performing on the show has gone viral.

He also co-wrote and starred in a film titled No love in the city, in which three Russian expats who “love life and seduce women in New York” meet Valentine in disguise and “he curses them with helplessness until they learn true love”. There were two sequels and a TV series, in which Zelenskyy also starred.

Zelenskyy wrote and starred in another romantic comedy titled Office novel. Today as a city employee called Anatoly Novoseltsev. The movie’s login line reads, “Meet Liudmila Kalugina. She is a young businesswoman, CEO of her own company, although little appreciated by those close to her and sparing no time for her personal life. Everything changes when she meets Anatoly Novoseltsev, a financial analyst and single father of two daughters. Will an office romance come out of this?

In 2012 he appeared in a wartime comedy, Corporal against Napoleon, about the Russians trying to beat Napoleon by sending a beautiful woman to seduce him into “thinking about making love, not war”. …

He also voiced Paddington in the Ukrainian version of the hit children’s film.

No doubt I’m going to have some reluctance for saying this from those who have just lived through four years of hosting a reality TV show in possession of nuclear football, but we need a leader with a resume like this. There’s a hell of a difference between sitting in a fake boardroom judging how Dee Snider and Gary Busey sold sidewalk hot dogs and being the creative mind behind projects like a movie about Russians. excited in New York and trying to defeat Napoleon in 1812 by getting him laid down. A guy versatile enough to give Dumas the female reboot treatment, do the Paso Doble to mediocre versions of American pop songs and voice a beloved children’s classic is a guy smart enough to handle the economy, foreign affairs and Covid any day.

So he’s exactly the kind of leader we need. Someone who can successfully write a comedy that appeals to a wide audience is, but by their very nature, someone who understands the human experience. Who can identify with their constituents. Understand their interests, needs and the things that motivate them. Much more than the kind of assholes who get degrees in political science or study at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. When I’m looking for a leader who can relate to the person who works, give me someone who writes a workplace sitcom every day. You say you want someone who understands the issues that are important to women? Who could be better than someone who can hold their attention in the Ukrainian version of a Hallmark Christmas movie?

Not to mention someone who’s been out there in the real world, scratching and clawing to succeed in show business. Anyone who has had to audition for roles, have their scripts read, fight to get their vision on screen, deal with deranged actors, rogue agents, diabolical studios and corrupt film syndicates and who has had as successful as him is someone you don’t want to mess up. with. Which, hopefully, Putin finds out firsthand. I wish we could elect Zelenskyy here, but unfortunately the Constitution does not allow it. Luckily, history had the good sense to put him where he was needed at the very moment when he needed him most.