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Home Bargains sells £ 3 Christmas Eve boxes containing children’s storybook, letter from Santa, door hook and cookies – The Sun


Moms went wild this afternoon after finding out Home Bargains is selling a Christmas Eve box – filled with festive kid-friendly treats – for just £ 2.99.

Taking to Facebook to share the find, a mom posted an image of the box, with the post having over 4,000 likes and nearly 2,000 comments.


New Years Eve boxes cost just £ 2.99 eachCredit: Facebook / Extreme Couponing And Bargains UK

Christmas Eve Boxes in Home Deals, £ 2.99! »She wrote on the Group Extreme Coupon and Bargains.

“Contains a Christmas story book, letter from Santa, door hook, stickers and cookies!

“I think it’s a fabulous price.”

And others agreed, with thousands heading to the comments section to tag family and friends.

One wrote: “We need a trip to Home Bargains but quickly, before the other 1.8k get there.”

While another admitted that they would be heading to the bargain store tomorrow to buy some.

One parent even said he would “get them all.”

    Other parents were planning their trips to Home Bargains


Other parents were planning their trips to Home BargainsCredit: Facebook / Extreme Couponing And Bargains UK

Last month, we revealed how a mom was praised for the personalized Christmas Eve boxes she made for her four children.

The mum revealed online that you can get three boxes for a good deal of £ 10 from The Works – which she then tailored for each of her children.

Publication on Facebook, she shared a snapshot of the four Christmas Eve boxes she made for her daughters Emilee, Freya, Amelia and Brooke.

The gray and yellow boxes – which were imprinted with a gold star and snowflakes – had the inscription “Christmas Eve Box” and “don’t open until December 24”, along with the names of each of the girls. .

“I made boxes for my daughters’ Christmas Eve! Boxes 3 for £ 10 at The Works,” captioned the curated mom.

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