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Heartbreaking news for CBBC fans as the BBC’s beloved children’s channel

The BBC has announced it is closing children’s channel CBBC as part of a major channel overhaul

The broadcaster claims that audiences, especially young viewers, simply don’t interact with the channels because of streaming platforms like Netflix.

BBC Director General Tim Davies said in a statement that the move would allow them to build a “digital first BBC”.

Davies continued: “Something truly new, a Reithian organization for the digital age, a positive force for the UK and the world. Independent, impartial, constantly innovating and at the service of all. A fresh and new global digital media organization that has never been seen before.”

Before adding: “They want us to keep the BBC relevant and to fight for something that in 2022 is more important than ever.”

Although this is very sad news for chain enthusiasts, there is a positive side!

Why is the CBBC closed?

This shift comes as audiences continue to opt for streaming over traditional, scheduled TV content. The BBC has seen less engagement with the channel, due to platforms like Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime offering masses of content online, with no TV license requirement – all for a monthly subscription.

This is undoubtedly a blow to parents and children alike, as the channel has been an integral part of many people’s childhood since its launch in 1985.

CBBC welcomed Tracy Beaker, Raven and Blue Peter and while the CBBC channel is removed from our televisions, this does not happen immediately.

CBBC tweeted that it would remain a “linear channel” for at least three years and then move to BBC iPlayer. So you’ll still be able to watch the likes of Blue Peter and Shaun the Sheep online for free, but the channel will soon be disappearing from our TV guides.

Naturally, this change is heartbreaking for regular viewers and those who grew up with CBBC, with many taking to social media to share their disappointment. Others pointed out that the upheaval would mean children from less wealthy households might not be able to watch TV.

One fan tweeted: “The closure of CBBC is heartbreaking, not even for nostalgia reasons, but growing up CBBC was literally the only kids TV channel I had. Not everyone can afford Sky, Disney Plus and Netflix just for their kids to watch something, give them an option.

While another added: “This is going to be detrimental to kids from working families who can’t afford streaming services or sky packages, I grew up with CBBC as one of my only sources of shows for children.”

“A real shame to be honest CBBC was my childhood,” wrote another.