Kids movies

HBO Max kids’ movies include classics, cartoons and more

Listen, I’m not here to tell you that you have to subscribe to another streaming service, but you’ve probably heard that there’s a new one on the block: HBO Max. And while you might think the streaming service only hosts shows like sex and the city Where The Sopranosthere are actually quite a few kids movies on HBO Max the whole family can enjoy together.

HBO Max, for those not in the know, is the Streaming service anchored on HBO which is full of shows and movies. Worth rivaling Netflix and Disney+, the service has a long catalog of released series and blockbusters, as well as big-budget originals. It’s worth noting that the service costs $15/month – the same HBO charges for a subscription to its regular service and for its additional streaming service, HBO Now. Although the price is a bit higher than its competitors, it does come with a one-week free trial that may be worth checking out if you’re not ready to commit.

And before jumping to the conclusion that HBO Max is just for the likes of game of thrones, there is a lot of children’s content on the platform. Let’s look at this.

‘Another Cinderella Story’

In the same vein as the OG The Cinderella story, another Cinderella story, PG rated, follows an unlikely couple on their journey to love. It’s a wild ride, guys.

‘Black Beauty’

If your kids haven’t already fallen in love with the classic novel black beauty, perhaps now is a good time to expose them to the story of the fate of the horses and the people who command them.


Who said it had to be Christmas to enjoy Buddy the Elf? Not HBO Max, that’s for sure. Stream it whenever you want.


Another film adapted from an amazing children’s book, Reversed follows sophomore Juli Baker, who instantly falls in love with her neighbor, Bryce Loski, who doesn’t feel the same way.

“The Goonies”

If I need to tell you what The Goonies is on point, I don’t know if I want to share more recommendations with you. All I will say is that your children merit to see this classic and HBO Max is here to help.


The classic novel Heidi has been adapted its fair share of times, but the 2005 film adaptation is a fun take on the light-hearted Swiss orphan. Stream it on HBO Max.

“The Iron Giant”

If you’re looking for a cartoon that will both introduce you to a cartoon alien robot that eats cars and also makes you cry, The Iron Giant is for you.

‘Looney Tunes: Back in Action’

Combine the animated magic of looney tunes with Brendan Fraser and you have the 90s gem that is Looney Tunes back in action.

“Miss Pettigrew Only Lives One Day”

Unemployed housekeeper Miss Pettigrew finds meaning in this blockbuster that features big names like Amy Adams and Francis McDormand. With a 13+ rating from Common Sense Mediathe love story might suit older children better.

“My dog ​​is jumping”

Is there anything healthier for a child than the story of a boy and his dog? my dog ​​is jumping will teach your children about love and loss and the power of man’s best friend.

“The Neverending Story I & II”

You read correctly my friends. The first and second movies in this magical franchise are available on HBO Max and I challenge you to watch them with your kids without shouting “Atreyu!” at least one.

“Rugrats Go Wild”

Even if your kids haven’t gone through the series yet, they’re sure to love the experience of following these naughty toddlers as they go through life in Rugrats gone wild. Share a piece of your own childhood with them and stream it on HBO Max.

‘She is the man’

Gender equality, sports, social class and a young Channing Tatum, what more could you want for a family movie night? !

“Used Lions”

I’m not going to water this one down for you, my friends. Used lions is an emotional tour de force if I’ve ever seen one. But seeing Walter, a shy teenager, find a family and a sense of belonging with his elderly uncles and an aging lion in a cornfield will change your life – and the lives of your children.

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

Whether you’re a fan of the OG Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 90s franchise or a modern fan of the newest film, HBO Max has plenty to stream with the family. Watch one, watch them all. Guaranteed viewing pleasure.

Suffice it to say, HBO Max has a long list of movies you and the kids can watch together. If you’re already a subscriber or looking for a new platform, they’ve got you covered.