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‘Hands off CBeebies’: Parents react as broadcaster says kids’ channel could be cut if license fees were waived

Parents have reacted angrily to the news that the beloved CBeebies channel could be taken down if the license fees were removed.

BBC Chairman Sir David Clementi will warn in a speech today that replacing the license fee with a Netflix-like subscription may well end channels like CBBC and CBeebies.

He will use his speech in Salford – where the channel is based – to warn that a new model of “paywall” would result in sharp cuts in the BBC’s children’s production.

Sir David will say today: “A subscription service is unlikely to have a strong regional presence.

“It would be very unlikely to maintain the level of properly organized programs for children, or even the brilliant Bitesize educational services that have helped so many teenagers.”

He will continue: “He would not have the same commitment to invest in local ideas and talent, for the benefit of our entire creative sector.

He is also expected to warn that the BBC would no longer be able to cover national events such as “royal weddings or jubilees, or Olympic successes”.

Sir David’s speech comes as the BBC is set to increase licensing fees from £ 154.50 per year to £ 157.50.

And that follows the news that Newsnight, 5Live and other news releases will be phased out as part of a money-saving campaign.

In November, we reported how Newsround was already taken off the air after a review found children were avoiding TV news coverage in favor of online news.

The President will today insist that the BBC is open to a “broad conversation” about its future and how it is funded.

But the parents reacted angrily to the suggestions.

On Twitter, Amy Keen said, “I speak for all parents with little ones; hands off the CBeebies !! This is the only way to do anything.”

Another said: “You can tell a lot of people who are complaining about #CBeebies and say that it is enough to use Netflix not to have children.

“It’s more than just entertainment. I don’t think people understand the educational value and how wonderful the Cbeebies Channel is.”

MediacityUK, Salford Quays

Others highlighted how valuable the channel is to children with special educational needs.

Jackie Smith said: “It would be a shame. #CBeebies offers fantastic programs for the youngest, including children with SEN. ”

And Sarah Millar added: “Netflix has never made a song for children under 5 to help them cope with surgery. Netflix has never signed a bedtime story for all the kids who can’t. do not talk.

“Netflix has never put children with disabilities on TV every day so it’s not closed and scary. CBeebies is a good public service.”

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