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Gorey’s kids channel their inner superheroes to raise over €800 for Barnardos

Twenty-four little heroes recently joined forces at Patricia’s Nursery School in Kilcavan, eager to do all they can to support other children.

As part of this year’s Barnardos Big Toddle fundraiser, children across the country were invited to organize and take part in a superhero themed event and the children of Kilcavan supported it in a big way. heroic. More than €800 was raised by the children and their families that day.

“The kids really enjoyed it. They all came dressed in their little hero costumes as it was Barnardos’ theme this year. We had everything from Spiderman to Batman, from Superwoman to princesses,” the owner of Patricia’s said. Preschool, Patricia Byrne.

The morning was full of activities, with the children enjoying games and an outdoor picnic in the preschool garden. The event is a much-awaited occasion for everyone in the preschool and, according to Patricia, the children are well aware of the worthy cause they are supporting.

“Barnardos is a very helpful charity and the children here know they are raising money for other children. They are very aware that although they have their schoolbags and lunchboxes, there are children who would not have these things.”