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Gabb Wireless launches music streaming app for kids with Tuned Global

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GABB WIRELESS, a children’s mobile provider, has launched a music streaming app for kids using white label B-to-B streaming company TUNED GLOBAL. The stream is exclusive to GABB subscribers and uses LYRICFIND’s LyricIQ platform to filter music based on content issues.

TUNED GLOBAL Managing Director CON RASO said, “The TUNED GLOBAL team enjoys working on innovative streaming services that bring something new to the market. GABB MUSIC caters to a specific audience with highly curated content. We strongly believe that these types of niche services can coexist with mainstream music services and continue to contribute to the growth of the industry”.

LYRICFIND CEO DARRYL BALLANTYNE said, “GABB MUSIC is the perfect way to showcase the power of LyricIQ in creating a safe, family-friendly streaming environment. As a parent myself, I know that this type of service fills a huge need in the market. We couldn’t be happier to partner with leading companies in GABB WIRELESS and TUNED GLOBAL to help bring this service to life.”

NATE RANDLE, CEO of GABB WIRELESS, said, “GABB WIRELESS needed the best music solution providers to create GABB MUSIC. We have high expectations in terms of music content, user experience and responsiveness of the service. Our partnership with TUNED GLOBAL and LYRICFIND gives us the opportunity to deliver a premium family experience that kids and parents will want to listen to.

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