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Five Crazy Kids Over The Top Movie Music Remixes

Children’s songs, especially in movies, can get a little sappy at times, but overall they’re cute and catchy. They can work their way into your memory and your heart in a way that is touching and in some cases just a little annoying because they just don’t seem to go away. But put a different beat on them and they take on a whole new life that might be a little more adult-oriented and can be enjoyed even longer without getting tired of them.

Listen to these few and decide for yourself if they are an improvement.

5. The Lion King with Matisyahu

It’s not quite as powerful but it has a different feel and a very different rhythm. It’s something you could get up and dance to, while the original is more of a song to sit back and admire. Kids might even enjoy this song just because they can get up and dance while being wowed by the lyrics and feel. There’s really no loss of meaning with a different rhythm, but the song is definitely more active.

4. Aladdin with Late Night Elders

If it’s still possible, the remix sounds smoother and even sweeter than the original. Instead of sounding like an actor doing their best, and mostly succeeding, in singing the notes, the remix sounds like a well-crafted piece that slides in and lets the listener sit back and relax without fear of thinking they might be missing something. Moreover, even without visuals, one can imagine what is happening without fail.

3. Little Mermaid with Little Whisper

It’s a style you don’t often find, sort of broken up and then pieced together to give a sort of hesitant cadence to the remix. You really have to be careful, so it’s probably not for everyone, but it’s definitely overkill. It kind of takes the syrupy, sky-high emotional quotient down several notches as you find yourself just trying to follow the song rather than feeling for young Ariel.

2. Finding Doris

You can almost feel yourself rocking to the music simply because it’s easy to move around and has plenty of room for the action. Dory is a fun movie to start with, but the remix tends to allow the listener to slip and slide throughout its length as it allows the soothing sounds to wash over them and the natural motion to take its course.

1. Toy Story with J-Squad

It looks a bit rough in places, but it’s over the top and so it’s ok to sound a bit jarring in places. Also, think of it this way, Buzz and Woody’s story hasn’t been a smooth and uneventful ride, and the remix takes that into account, it seems, considering it gets rough and then smooth, then hard, then neat in turn. If it’s not their relationship then the remix must be a long way off, but I think it’s fair to say that it covers the same range as the movie.

Many remixes of children’s songs tend to be edgier and easier to move around, even if a bit hard to accept at first.