Kids story

Fiction: who won the prize. “Short story for children.” | Malek Cherif

A disclaimer for a fictional story: This is a work of fiction and cannot be presented as fact. Unless otherwise noted, all names, characters, companies, places, events, and incidents in this book are either products of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or events is purely coincidental.

Sally was going to celebrate her sixth birthday by throwing a party for her friends and family. Her sister Ann begs her to accompany them. Sally said to Ann, “Oh, you’re too young to play our games.” Ann nodded in agreement.

On the other hand, we would love for you to join us for ice cream and cake. In response, Ann said, “I can play games too!” On the other hand, Sally was oblivious to the warnings I gave her.

After everyone finally arrived in the afternoon, they decided to play a game of musical chairs. When the music ended, Sally’s mother made the children dance around the long row of chairs while she played the piano, and when it happened they all climbed onto the chairs together laughing hysterically .

Every time there was one less chair than there were children, one of the children was left without a seat. This continued until there was only one chair left, and Ruth and Toby were the only ones to take care of it. Ms. Nolen’s piano tempo dropped, as did the children’s walking speed until it soon seemed like everyone was moving at an icy pace.

Young Ann was seen playing musical chairs alone in the far corner of the room, but no one paid her any attention. Her mother was playing the piano, and as she gravely walked around her little stool listening to the music, she finally sat down.

A scream was heard just as Mrs. Nolen could finally stop. Both Ruth and Toby had jumped at the chance to sit down in the last free chair and had done so simultaneously. Ruth and Toby were now sitting on the floor, mocking each other after banging their heads on a chair earlier.

Everyone’s question was, “Who came out on top?” “Me!” said Ann, the little one. She was the only youth who had managed to survive and still had a chair, and she sat in it with a sense of superiority.

What a wonderful time Sally and the kids had! So, “Congratulations, Ann!” You won ! A positive response from Sally After hearing that, they responded by saying, “And I believe you’re big enough to put your chair across from ours and play the next game with us!”