Kids channel

Families can laugh and learn together on Filmon TV’s children’s channel

Finding the right TV network and shows that will stimulate children’s minds while keeping them entertained can be a difficult process for parents around the world. But parents and their kids can now easily tune into FilmOn TV for the best family series with its kids channel. The channel offers viewers several program options to watch for children to have fun while they learn.

Viewers can find family content and curiosity and adventure suites from all members, including the Kids Zone category, which features nursery rhymes, fairy tales and mythological stories. There’s also the Angels of the Attic ComicFlix section, with readings along with the nationally-loved comics that help kids improve their reading and writing skills. Tiny Pop is another popular section for families as it provides a fun and safe environment for children to laugh, learn and grow through a diverse range of fun interactive games.

In addition to the Kids channel, FilmOn TV, run by its billionaire CEO Alki David, offers more than 600 news, sports and entertainment channels, as well as thousands of movie and TV titles. It is accessible in dozens of languages.

The Internet TV subscription service is available as an Android and iOS app, and through its online website. The channels featured on FilmOn TV broadcast classic and modern films in genres as diverse as westerns, mystery, action, Broadway musicals, comedy and horror; old and current television shows devoted to gastronomy, wine, motor racing and animation; music videos; and news and sports programs from around the world, including Africa, Asia, Australia, Latin America, the UK, the rest of Europe and the Middle East.

“We serve more content to more people around the world than any other platform,” David said. FilmOn TV, which has millions of subscribers worldwide, was founded by the businessman in 2006. He was the pioneer of streaming television which helped usher in the current era of cutting the cables. It also emphasizes the value of allowing consumers to watch what they want, where and when they want. For more information on Filmon, visit the company’s official website.