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Cranford Mom & Dad release children’s music album ‘Nature Soup’

CRANFORD, NJ — Nearly a decade after her soul-pop debut album, Cranford resident Kat Rees D’Ambola and her husband Chris have released an EP of children’s music that is now streaming across all major platforms.

The EP, titled “Nature Soup,” features four pieces of nature-themed music for kids that “won’t make parents want to kick a unicorn,” according to a press release.

The title track launches the album with upbeat energy, jazzy trumpet and a hint of folk. This is followed by a ukulele cover of “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”, originally by Creedence Clearwater, to expose children to classic rock.

“Calm Thoughts” is next with soothing harmonies and smooth flute playing. The final track is an audio rendition of D’Ambola’s award-winning picture book, “A Firefly’s Journey”, which was released in 2021.

The EP was inspired by D’Ambola’s two children, who served as co-writers, and whose soggy rain boots adorn the album cover. Her husband, Chris, also plays guitar and ukulele on the record.

“Nature Soup” was recorded and produced at The Party Farm – a boutique production studio nestled in the Catskill Mountains in New York, the press release states.

D’Ambola originally grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but her passion for music took her to New York City where she honed her singing, songwriting and performing skills, according to her website.

For a decade, she collaborated with various musicians, performed at “legendary” venues, and wrote and co-produced a pop-soul solo album, “Kat Rees,” which was released in 2013.

D’Ambola said she and her husband also perform as an acoustic duo called “Jampagne” and have performed at Cranford Porchfest and Couchfest. They will perform at Porchfest once again this year.