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Cocomelon children’s YouTube channel, which generates more than 3 billion views per month, expands to Merch

YoutubeThe decision to remove personalized ads from every video that might appeal to younger viewers prompted one of its largest children’s channels, Cocomelon, to finally develop in the merch.

Cocomelon, known for its lively nursery rhymes, is one of the most watched channels on YouTube. Launched in 2006 under the original name ABCKidTV, it now has 72.8 million subscribers and generates more than 3 billion views each month, more than triple the number of very popular viewers Ryan’s world. But unlike the Kajis (who run Ryan’s World, are all regularly featured in the channel’s videos, and have long since pushed their online presence into a fleet of over 1,000 merchandising items), the family behind Cocomelon has never appeared before camera and has historically rejected all offers for investment, sponsorship, translations of their videos and merch opportunities.

Not anymore. The creators of Cocomelon, 55-year-old former sales director Jay jeon and his wife, an author of children’s books who wishes to remain anonymous, are expanding his brand. They agreed to start with albums of his most popular songs and a line of Cocomelon toys produced by Kids Cabbage Patch and Pokemon doll maker Jazwares, Bloomberg reports. Jeon also told the outlet that they are considering developing a feature film.

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He didn’t give details, but it’s likely the Jazwares toy line and the potential movie will both feature. not a word, the animated toddler who started appearing in the majority of Cocomelon’s videos in 2017. JJ, his two siblings and parents became the faces of Cocomelon, representing the more than 20 employees who edited the channel’s videos from a studio in Irvine, California. Many of these employees are animators who work on his 40-minute, fully-animated, 3D-rendered videos. These videos take about two months to produce each, and Cocomelon posts at least four a month.

Jeon said Cocomelon has seen a drop in revenue since YouTube removed personalized ads, but wouldn’t say exactly how much he lost. Chris Williams, co-founder and CEO of pocket watch– the digital children’s studio that has officially partnered with Ryan’s World and facilitated its merch deals – told the store that major children’s channels have lost between 50% and 60% of their advertising revenue since the change took place. took effect on January 1.

Jeon has made it clear that even with an expansion in merchandising, he doesn’t plan to change much about the channel. He, his wife and their two sons will not be in the limelight; instead, the fictional JJ and his family will remain his central characters. There are a few changes for JJ on the horizon: New installments, developed with educators, will see him start attending school, Jeon said. Cocomelon also intends to add more characters to diversify the cast, as JJ and his family are white.

Other than these adjustments, Jeon’s intention is to continue. “I never look into why something is popular or how I can satisfy the YouTube algorithm. I know what matters. Stories matter,” he said. Bloomberg. “I don’t want more audience. I’m fine.”

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