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Children, music and the global pandemic


It is difficult to estimate the effect of the current global pandemic on the children who experience it. One of the easiest ways to understand what they are going through is to just ask them. This is precisely what the Skylight Music Theater did for its latest ChildrenWriting program. The program that pairs children’s writing with creative professionals continues in 2021. This time around, children were invited to write about their COVID-related experiences for a production that would consist of singers, musicians and talented videographers. The first previews of the program were fascinating.

The decision to direct children’s attention directly to the path of one of the most universally powerful forces in their short lives is rather courageous, but it is hard to imagine focusing on anything else in a pandemic. “What I didn’t expect is that much of the work would be so full of hope and joy, especially some of the content that is more difficult to tackle,” says the manager. of Education Amanda Marquardt. “The resilience displayed in much of the writing was heartwarming and inspiring.”

Songs included in the program range from the aggressive and touching opera of “Time Capsule”, to the moody reflection of “Broken Record”, to the eerily serious comedy of “An Ode to Toilet Paper”. It’s a very diverse program. “The mission of Skylight Music Theater is to represent the wide range of musical theater works, and KidsWrites is no exception,” says Marquardt. “I’ve nudged some composers in one way or another on some pieces, but composers usually have the space to vibrate with the students’ writing and create from there. “

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KidsWrites 2021: Time capsule will be available online for students, families and the public on the Skylight website at from May 3 to June 13.


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