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Carrying the torch: Green Bay children channel Olympic spirit during summer school program

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WFRV) – As athletes from around the world compete on a large stage, a local school learns all about Olympic values ​​and characteristics.

All summer long, Nicolet Elementary School learns and practices certain values ​​and traits that are used in Olympic competition.

According to a statement, the students are discovering a specific character trait and an Olympian who embodied it every week of the summer school. This week’s character trait is ‘Respect’ and the star Olympian is Usain Bolt.

The fun doesn’t stop there.

On Friday July 30, the students were able to participate in an Olympic discus throw. Safety was on the teachers’ minds, so the students were able to throw water balloons instead of the usual disc.

“We worked hard to create a summer school theme in Nicolet that our students could really have fun with and engage with,” says Lori McArthur, administration intern at Nicolet Elementary School. “We have an Olympic training activity for our students every Friday, and they can win medals throughout the week for their positive behavior. We’ve been talking all summer about the Olympic values ​​and what the five rings stand for.

McArthur goes on to say that she is happy they chose this theme because she has seen the impact of the program before. “We wanted to instill something positive and motivating for the children. We were trying to think of the camp theme, but as the Olympics approached we thought maybe an Olympic theme would be good. And the idea took off from there.

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