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Brad Pitt’s story “Wins Kids” is a bait and a switch


The cover of a new tabloid makes it seem like Brad pitt got custody of her and Angelina Jolie‘s six kids, but it’s actually a bait and deceptive switch. Gossip cop may expose the deceptive article, which also includes lies about the actor supposed to be meeting with Jennifer aniston. A spokesperson for Pitt tells us this is “nonsense.”

“Brad wins children! Reads the cover of the latest issue of Way of life. Right below it is said that Jolie “has finally given up” and is “heartbroken” about the situation. The accompanying article inside the issue, however, maintains that the actress still has “physical custody” and the separated spouses have yet to settle their custody negotiations.

According to the tabloid, an alleged insider said Pitt was “livid” when he learned Jolie was planning to take the kids to London later this month while she filmed the sequel to Maleficent. As the story unfolded, the actor expressed his frustration to Jolie, who gave in and “promised Brad he could spend more time with the kids before and after the trip.”

The alleged source says Pitt “considers giving him more time with them a real victory in their custody battle.” However, the cover of the gossip magazine implies that the actor has already obtained legal custody of Jolie, while the article simply says that he “considers” more time with the children to be “a victory”. It is hardly the same. Additionally, an anonymous and presumably nowhere to be found “family friend” said Jolie had agreed to let Pitt visit the children in London, but she was “heartbroken” at the prospect and only doing so “for the sake of it. prevent his move to London to be challenged “.

The post turns out to be less than credible when it ends its article with false rumors that Pitt is turning back on with Aniston. “Jen even met some of the kids,” the apparently bogus tabloid source says. “She found the children well behaved, bright and precocious.” Only the representatives of the two stars said Gossip cop officially that they did not reconcile and that she certainly never spent time with the children of her ex-husband. In reality, People confirmed this in a story about how Pitt and Aniston “haven’t seen each other in ages.”

As for Jolie, it is true that the actress should start filming Maleficent 2 in London later this month, but the tabloid’s claim that she and Pitt fought over the situation is false. Several reputable outlets have noted that Pitt and Jolie work together to resolve their custody issues. The exes also coordinate their schedules so the two can spend time with the kids.

To sum up, the coverage of Way of life initially tries to fool readers into believing Pitt got full custody of his children, but the inside story indicates he doesn’t have custody. Then the tabloid falsely claims the actor fought Jolie over her temporary move to London, so she reluctantly granted him the visit. To top it off, Aniston is arbitrarily cast into the false narrative, and it is falsely claimed that she met and hung out with Pitt’s children. Obviously the magazine has no idea about any of this, as Pitt’s own spokesperson puts it. Gossip cop it makes no sense.”

Our verdict

Gossip Cop has determined that this story is totally false.


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