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Best MP3 Players & Music Players for Kids of 2021


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Kids MP3 music players are great for young music lovers who are always on the beat. Love it or hate it, digital devices are a part of your kids’ lives – they use tablets in school, fitness trackers for everyday life, and probably steal your cell phone whenever they have it. the occasion (ie if they don’t have their own). If you’re not ready to gift your kid a phone but still want something that can keep them entertained for a few hours (read: out of your hair and / or your troubles), a music player for children is a great option. You can download songs, plug in a pair of headphones and let them go or play their favorite tracks on their own, which means you don’t have to be the most boring DJ in the world playing the same anymore. Disney song 100 times in a row.

Kids MP3 players are also a great way to give your little one their own device, but that can’t accidentally call a random contact in your phone book or buy something with your credit card. Plus, who, regardless of their age, doesn’t feel happier listening to music? Coming up, 8 MP3 players for kids that will help them play so that you can hopefully have some peace and quiet.

Best MP3 players

The Mighty Vibe music player is pocket-sized and durable enough for little hands – it is water, sweat and drop resistant and has no glass screen to break. You can clip it to a jacket, seat belt, or backpack and play up to 1000 stored songs (or about 5+ hours) without a phone, WiFi, or internet connection. It has Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with Spotfiy and Amazon Music.

An evaluator said yes! I just bought it for my 10 year old son. I wanted a device without a screen that she could use. It’s perfect! I can make her playlists with her throughout the day while I listen to my music, then sync them to her player and she’s good to go! It doesn’t need WiFi or my phone to work once it’s synced. Connects perfectly with Bluetooth speakers and headphones. We’ve made Pop, Worship, Sleep, and Dumb playlists and she can browse them. It’s good! So impressed with this product.

$ 109.99 AT AMAZON

The Apple iTouch is essentially an iPhone without the “phone” and is a good option if you’re looking for something a little more high-tech than a simple MP3 player. It can store and play music, but it also has a large touchscreen, space for apps, a camera, and WiFi capability. There are three sizes (32GB, 64GB, and 128GB) and it comes in four different colors.

An evaluator said: “I bought this for my 14 year old son because I want him to be able to listen to music, but I didn’t want to buy him a smartphone. Because its only function is to play music, the battery life is really long. It can last 2 days or more without charging it.

$ 194.94 AT AMAZON

The bulky Sony walkman of your childhood has received a stylish digital upgrade. The Sony MP3 player is available in black or red, offers up to 35 hours of audio playback, FM radio, and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature to upload music and photos from your computer.

An evaluator said, “We bought them for our two boys. We didn’t want them to have internet / WiFi access capabilities, just the ability to play music and radio. It’s perfect! It’s small, durable, has a long battery life, great sound, and is suitable for TONS of songs! Easy to plug into your computer and transfer music. The FM radio is great. It is easy to use and navigate. My 12 year old son has had his for 3 years now and it is still in great condition. My 10 year old son is harder on his, but after a year it’s still perfect. They listen to them every day! I came to buy a third for the next son!

$ 40.99 AT AMAZON

Best MP3 Players for Kids

This MP3 player with a cute cartoon case will be a great music companion for your children. It not only plays their favorite recorded songs, but it also has FM radio, e-book, voice recording function, alarm clock and games. It has a bright color display and up to 26 hours of playback when used with headphones and up to 17 hours with the built-in speaker.

An evaluator said: “I got it for my niece for a birthday present and she loves it! It’s easy for her to use and I love the old school games loaded there. It is smaller than it looks in the photo, so it fits easily in her hands (she is 5 years old) and it is very light. We were able to easily load songs from Moana and Trolls into it, so she’s in Heaven and her parents are delighted that they don’t have to hear children’s music so much!

$ 31.99 AT AMAZON

This simple and slim MP3 player has an impressive 80 hours of battery life, so your child can listen to their few favorite songs on repeat all day long. It doesn’t have WiFi but has a large screen, FM radio and a simple button interface on the front. You can choose between 8 and 18 GB of memory and four different colors.

An evaluator said, “I bought this MP3 for my eight year old who wanted to listen to music on the go. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money in case it got lost or damaged, but wanted something that was easy to use and still looked “cool”. I bought the MP3 in blue and it looks great! Adding music was EXTREMELY easy. just clicked on the music files and dragged them to the MP3 folder. It works like when you have connected a USB stick. Came already fully charged which was great.

$ 28.99 AT AMAZON

This compact and lightweight MP3 player has an FM radio and 8 GB of storage so your child can record up to 2000 songs from audiobooks. It has a bright display screen and up to 18 hours of battery life. The clip can be easily used to attach to bags, clothing, or pockets, and the reader is available in seven fun colors.

An evaluator said, “I have a kid who wanted an MP3 player that I don’t give a smart phone to. San Disk has solved this need with this drive. It is small, so it does not get in the way when attached to a small child. 8 GB is more than enough storage for 2000 songs (especially for a child who only likes 12 songs). It lights up pretty quickly. You don’t need to wait a minute for it to boot up like you would a smartphone. The sound quality is pretty decent with the right headphones / earphones / speakers. Navigation in the menus is simple and customizable. You can delete categories that you don’t use like audiobooks so you don’t have to go through them. So easy that a small child can use it.

$ 34.99 AT AMAZON

Best Music Players for Toddlers

Your little ones will tell you to keep your paws off their children’s music player, which has a fun bear paw design for the buttons on the front. It also has an FM radio, video player, voice recorder, lock screen feature, and three built-in puzzle games to keep them entertained. It has a clear LCD screen, up to 25 hours of playing time, and it is available in two different colors.

An evaluator said, “I got this for my 6 year old so she could listen to ‘her music’ on long trips because we travel a lot (it doesn’t matter if it’s the same music we listen to, haha). She likes it! We’ve been using it for almost a year now and have used it a lot. It can hold a lot of music for her and she even enjoys the few games associated with it. The battery life is impressive and it charges quickly.

$ 28.99 AT AMAZON

This kids music player doubles as a mini sound machine and features 10 relaxing sounds including white noise, waves, and lullabies to help your little ones fall asleep. It has 2.4 inch screen, FM radio, alarm, equalizer and can play video and record voice. It is also Bluetooth compatible and comes with a lanyard to put around the wrist. The reader has a lifespan of up to 50 hours, more than enough time to keep your little ones safe from (too much) trouble.

An evaluator said: “I got it for my seven year old daughter and she loves it. He has a little speaker that she can use, but she uses her headphones. Bluetooth works well and she really appreciates the little cord that comes with it. Looks very solid and well made.

$ 34.99 AT AMAZON

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AGPTEK K1 MP3 player for children

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Mighty Vibe Spotify and Amazon Music Pla …

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Sony Walkman MP3 player

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AGPTEK MP3 player for children

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