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Best Kids Movies on Zee5 (February 27, 2022)

The Mahabharat, an epic passed down from generation to generation, is a story of conflict, sacrifice, duty, justice, heroism and the triumph of truth. With a star-studded cast including Amitabh Bacchan, Ajay Devgn, and Vidya Balan, this epic saga that chronicles the clash of principles and morals between two intertwined dynasties is one of the best kids movies on Zee5 India.

Devtoons and Toonasur are at war in Toonpur, and all hell has broken loose! Want to know how Devtoons, along with action hero Aditya, deal with Toonasurs in Toonpur Ka Super Hero? Want to know how Aditya shows his son he’s not a “fake hero” when he’s caught in the middle of a war in Toonpur? Then watch this kid-friendly Hindi movie on Zee5!

Nil Battey Sannata, the story of 16-year-old Apeksha, tops Bollywood children’s movies on Zee5. This film is about a child who lacks motivation to study because she does not want to impose on her mother the costs of her education. Does she change her mind? Can Chanda (the mother) motivate her young daughter to excel in her studies? Watch this movie!

Pareeksha, a compelling story about a rickshaw puller who moves earth and sky to provide his son with the best possible education, is a movie that really deserves to be on the list of Bollywood kids movies on Zee5. The film is inspired by real events and director Prakash Jha won several accolades for the film. A must see !

If your child is a bit older and you want to teach them the value of finding happiness in the smallest things, then Chintu Ka Birthday is one of the best kids movies on Zee5. The story revolves around an Indian family awaiting their return from war-torn Iraq, celebrating the birthday of their youngest and most beloved son, Chintu. Chaos and danger don’t stop their spirits from making this a memorable day for their little son.

Ramayana: The Epic is a wonderful, value-laden tale that revolves around the protagonist – the devoted Lord Rama, sent into exile by his father, Dasharatha. This thrilling story unfolds with a set of outstanding characters such as Laxman, Hanuman, Ravana, etc. With outstanding animation, excellent plot and moving scenes, this movie is one of the best kids movies on Zee5 India.

Pixy Dragon, high on the list of the best Hollywood kids’ movies to watch, is an exciting story about two fire-breathing dragons – Draco and Grus. They set out to win the town’s fire-breathing contest, and the film shows how their misdeeds cause trouble for Dragon Town. Want to know how they save the city from the evil Lacerta? Watch this movie!

A very exciting and funny story, Penguin Rescue, tells us how intergalactic space travelers on their first mission to Earth come to rescue little penguins stranded on a collapsing ice cap. It definitely deserves a place in the list of Hollywood kids movies to watch because it is filled with adventures and a great storyline.

Santa Claus, snowman, elves, reindeer, fir tree, brave toy soldier and much more – A frozen Christmas surely guarantees children a fun ride! The perfect way to get everyone home in the holiday spirit, this movie is one of the best kids movies on Zee5.

Zoo Wars promises an adventure worth a lifetime. The story is about Nuke, an ordinary city elephant who wants to go on an adventure in space. He joins forces with rogue warrior Squeeze Whistle, a fearless space squirrel, and together they set off to rescue a beautiful princess and put an end to the evil plans of a mouse who is intent on taking over their vast galaxy. .

Fish School, a story revolving around the adorable young fish Peewee, is one of our favorite movies on the list of Hollywood kids movies to watch. It’s a fun fishing trip that shows Peewee’s morning-to-night routine from his day at school with Professor Fishbone. Your kids will definitely love the animation and on-screen characters!

A Hee-haw, Moo-tastic, Baa-mazing, Farmtastic Fun musical is full of song and dance in Farmtastic Fun Town! With lots of funny and cute horses, cows, chickens, pigs and other farm animals, this is one of the funniest kids movies to watch on Zee5.

A really interesting film, Plan Egg, revolves around the interesting theme of environmental conservation and protection. Want to see what the Carrot Bunny and the Blue Turtle Potato and the other members of the Earth Animal Welfare Organization are up to? What are you waiting for? Go ahead and watch the movie!

When a haystack goes missing on the farm, Oink the flying pig and his best friend, Boink the owl, set out to find out who the culprit is. True professional detectives, these two create a list of suspects on the farm and end up solving the mystery of the missing haystack. Down on the Farm tops the list of Hollywood movies to watch on Zee5, so don’t miss it!

Zip, Zap, Queen Elanor and Sebastian – meet Team Bee!! Watch the bee team go on an adventure in the forest and feel the excitement they feel at home! A movie you cannot afford to miss as it is one of the most adorable and best movies for kids to watch on Zee5!

Lumberjack Vick viciously cuts down all the trees in the forest to quickly earn money to help him get home for the holidays. But the animals of the forest are not going to sit quietly and let that happen. Want to know the tricks they use to save their homeland? So don’t wait any longer! Watch Bablu Dablu right now!

Elaan-E-Jung is a story about how Mad Max goes about hunting Vir – the best humanoid robot on earth created by Professor Prem Sahay. He wants to know the technology behind making Vir and declares war on Vir. He exhausts all possible means to capture Vir – he sends Timbuktu, Cat Mona, Blob, Robotics rats, Mr Crook, Magneto, Robotic Tree, but all his efforts are in vain.

Maya: Find Your Light Award (2019) in India

An interesting English drama, Maya: Find Your Light, depicts a fight between good and evil. Thirteen-year-old Princess Maya, bearing the brunt of her kingdom’s well-being, confronts the evil King of Darkness. His journey involves many perils – treacherous mountains and forests, difficult trials and tribulations. Can Maya lift all three curses to defeat the evil king? Watch this top kids movie on Zee5 to find out what happens!

No. 1 Hero Award (2013) in India

Hero No. 1 is an interesting story that kids will have a great time watching, as it shows the everlasting rivalry between Mad Max and Vir. Mad Max, with help from Cat Mona, Timbaktoo, and impersonator Babbar, plans to damage Vir’s image in the city. Does he succeed? Or is Vir getting the better of him? Check Hero No. 1 as it is truly one of the best most watched kids movies on Zee5.

Krishna Balram: The Warrior Princess (2011) award in India

One of the best kids movies on Zee5, Krishna Balram: The Warrior Princess is the story of an alien warrior princess who meets Krishna and Balram after she accidentally gets out of her lotus flower. Do the brave Krishna and Balram protect this warrior princess from her enemies? Do these three end up becoming the closest friends? Watch this movie if you want to find out!

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