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Best Halloween Kids Movies, Ranked

It’s finally that time of year. The temperature drops, the leaves change color, and Halloween decorations are sold in almost every store imaginable. Forget Christmas; for many people, this is the best time of year. And if there’s one thing people love to do during the Halloween season, it’s chilling out with a hot drink and watching Halloween movies. Most people will aim for mainstream horror movies like charity please, Nightmare on Elm Streetand the cult classic Halloween, but we’ve put together a list of some of the best movies for kids to direct to get them into the spooky spirit. Or if you’re just someone who doesn’t like the blood, gore, and horror of horror movies, this list is for you too.

This list includes movies that are great for little ones and some that are just scary enough for older kids, yet great for parents to enjoy (or even remember), with the perfect balance of laughs. and scares for the whole family. . So round up the kids (or sit alone, we’re not judging), grab your favorite Halloween candy, and check out this ranked list of the best Halloween kids movies.


8/8 Hocus Pocus

Take a trip to Salem in the 1993 classic Hocus Pocus. Parents there might remember this one as a token of their childhood, and with Hocus Pocus 2 available on Disney+, it’s perfect for a movie marathon and revisits Halloween nostalgia. For those who have never experienced the magic of the Sanderson sisters before, Hocus Pocus is a Disney Original film set in the infamous town of Salem, where the witch trials took place. The evil Sanderson sisters are accidentally brought back to life on Halloween night and want to drain the life force from all the children of Salem so they can live forever. And now the teenager who brought them back must find a way to stop them. Although the film did not do well on its initial release (via The envelope), it’s become a cult classic filled with witty comedy that’s great for kids of all ages.

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7/8 Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania produced a franchise that spanned a decade and finally concluded with his fourth film, Hotel Transylvania:Transformania, and a TV series with two seasons that ended in 2020. Adam Sandler stars in the movies as Count Dracula, and in the first movie, he runs a hotel in Transylvania designed only for monsters after his wife is murdered by a mob of angry mortals. Now he lives his life away from humans and tries to raise and protect his daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez) from the outside world. Until a distracted human, Johnny (Andy Samberg) accidentally visits the hotel and falls in love with Mavis. The films are quirky and fun while telling an easily digestible story of love and family.

6/8 The Addams Family

This is not your typical family. The Addams Family (1991) The live-action film is based on a 1934 strip in The New Yorker created by cartoonist Charles Addams as a satirical inversion of the ideal All-American family, which GamesRadar explain in more detail. The comic lasted until 1964, when it was made into a television series, then finally became a movie in the early 90s with a sequel, Addams Family Values. These movies might be a bit too dark for younger kids, and if so, there’s still an animated version that came out in 2019, plus a live-action spin-off named after the iconic girl from The Addams Family, Wednesday, is set to release soon. And what makes The Addams Family even better, the cute matching family costumes it can inspire.

5/8 The monster house

The monster house is definitely one for older kids as it might be a bit too scary for little ones, but its strong storytelling and horror influence has made it one of the best Halloween kids movies. The premise is simple: DJ lives across from the house, no one in the neighborhood wants to come near, and it’s because of the creepy old man Nebbercracker. However, when the old man dies on his lawn after trying to yell at DJ and his friends to get off his lawn, DJ begins to suspect that the house has come to life. It’s the Alone at home of Halloween, with its top-notch storyline and plot twist you can only see coming with a second watch. And it might remind parents of the days when they feared the spooky house down the street.

4/8 Corpse bride

I feel like a lot of people don’t talk about Corpse bride as they should. Tim Burton’s stop-motion film can be considered one of the best films released in 2005 and follows a young man, Victor Van Dort (Johnny Depp), who is engaged to Victoria Everglot (Emily Watson) for social reasons. and financial. Victoria’s family, which was once wealthy, lost all their fortune and in turn decided to give their daughter to the son of an extremely wealthy family. Which is good because the two really love each other, but when Victor ruins their vow rehearsals, he flees to the woods out of embarrassment. It is there that he, while practicing his vows, accidentally brings back to life a corpse bride named Emily (Helena Bonham Carter) who thinks he is now her husband. Burton said the film was inspired by Jewish folklore, Finger. The film is more emotional than most children’s films, but the story is loved by many and certainly deserves more appreciation.

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3/8 Coraline

Based on the novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman, Coraline has become one of the most beloved animated children’s films, where the titular young character discovers a strange door in her family’s new home that takes her to an alternate universe where she encounters doppelgangers who she believes care more about her than about her real parents. However, she quickly learns that something is wrong with this other world when her “other mother” offers her the chance to stay with them forever. Although animated, the film can be quite gruesome as it follows a usual horror movie structure that is only slightly toned down for children to see. And in addition to being a well-written children’s horror movie, it also contains a heartwarming message of appreciation for the family.

2/8 Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island

Every generation has watched scooby-doo. It’s become a timeless cartoon that only gets better with time, and they’ve always been iconic and loved by kids and adults alike. But it was very easy for kids to get bored with the cartoons and not find them so scary anymore. They were repetitive in the animation and followed the exact same formula: the gang goes to a place tormented by a supernatural entity, there are prime suspects, they have an idea to catch the supernatural entity, remove its mask and then “I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for you meddling with the kids and your stupid dog!” However, zombie island It was the first time the gang was exposed to real monsters and faced real danger while keeping the charm of the original cartoons. The story is well-written and tight, the characters have become more than their original two-dimensional personalities, and it’s Scooby-Doo scarier than ever. Not to mention the updated version of the original theme song and a new song created for the movie which is probably one of the best songs ever created for a children’s cartoon.

1/8 The Nightmare Before Christmas

Everybody Loves The Nightmare Before Christmas, and it’s probably the most beloved animated film of all time. While it’s debatable whether the movie is more of a Christmas movie than a Halloween movie, Disney likes to take advantage of the movies’ versatility and airs it during both holidays. And why not you ? The incredible soundtrack filled with songs many people still listen to outside of the holiday seasons, a beautifully crafted story about Jack, the Pumpkin King of Halloween, feeling tired and dissatisfied with the same old thing, wants to get better. try at Christmas, and the talented work on stop-motion animation. The movie captured the hearts of many, young and old, and will likely go down as one of the best movies to play around Halloween (or Christmas) for anyone of any age.