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Award-winning musician creates new brand of children’s music in time for Earth Day – Keep The Faith ® The UK’s black and multi-ethnic Christian magazine

RECYCLE (Do it right!)

Richmond, Virginia, April 19, 2022 – Just in time for Earth Day (April 22), new children’s musical sensation The Future Brigade will release their first single, “RECYCLE (Do It Right!)” (Vox Records; ISRC: NO3CF2203010). The brainchild of Virginia-based singer/songwriter Wes Charlton, “RECYCLE” encourages kids to explore the importance of recycling while enjoying a banger of a dance tune! The hook has kids spelling out the word “recycle” and the three verses are about the three “Rs” of recycling: reduce, reuse, and recycle. To promote Earth Day education on digital platforms, The Future Brigade will feature the online premiere of the single “RECYCLE (Do It Right!)”, available wherever the music is streamed, as well as their social media .

Whether in the car, at home, outdoors, watching TV or a movie, or even in the classroom, parents and children need good music alone and especially with their family. The Future Brigade makes education hip and fun through songs that help kids understand that positive change starts at home with them, with each individual making their own choices every day (not just Earth Day), and how these small acts/choices can change the world for the better if we all participate.

About the future brigade

The Future Brigade offers hip music for all generations. Their mission is for listeners and their kids to press play, smile uncontrollably, and start dancing to the beat – and maybe even learn something cool and educational along the way! To do this, The Future Brigade combines genre styles and musical “winks” or references to all types of pop culture, entertainment and education in a clever, intentional and integrated way so that generations of children and adults can react positively, appreciate and frankly. pinball together on the same tubes.

About Wes Charlton

Wes Charlton has released three critically acclaimed albums—NPR named his second album, morning stars, Album of the week. He made his television debut on NBC Nashville and his songs have been featured in film and television. Wes has opened for artists as diverse as Tim Easton, Stephen Bruton, Michelle Shocked, Pat McGee Band and Virginia Coalition. He has performed at the Midwest Music Summit in Indianapolis and the Americana Music Conference in Nashville. He has performed at prestigious Nashville venues including The Basement, 3rd & Lindsley, The Bluebird Café and 12th & Porter. Wes was also featured as a guest artist at the NY Film Academy’s Summer Music Video Workshop, and Arc Music Group selected him to do a publisher-sanctioned recording project for John Lee Hooker and Sonny Boy. Williamson. Wes is currently working on a new studio album, Father, please put the war aside, is due out in February 2023.

Written by: Justin Loeber