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All the amazing classic kids movies you can stream on Disney Plus right now

If you want to be transported back to your childhood, check out these best kids’ movies on Disney Plus for a real trip down Memory Lane. Remember the first time you watched The Lion King? Or dressed as Belle from The beauty and the Beast? And those unforgettable soundtracks from The little Mermaid Where Hercules– I bet you still know every word! Now all of these iconic movies can be found in one place on Disney Plus.

In addition to the classic kids’ movies, on Disney Plus you can also find out what the next generation is watching. For example, the sweet story of coco and Zootopia (one of the funniest and best animal movies ever!) may not be decades old, but they’re just as delicious, thanks to lovable characters, catchy songs, and storylines intriguing. If you don’t believe us, we dare you to watch Frozen and don’t get “Let It Go” stuck in your head.

Part of the joy found in these heartwarming and funny children’s movies is that they’re entertaining for kids, teens, toddlers, and adults, and they really stand the test of time. And in case you didn’t know, Disney Plus also offers movies from the Marvel and Star Wars franchises, so there really is something for everyone. A family movie night without the drama of choosing a movie? It’s worth the cost of Disney Plus on its own! Check out the best old and new kids’ movies on Disney Plus that you can stream right now.

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