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A Woman Who Filmed Her Daughter’s Birth For YouTube Is Launching A Children’s Channel… But Some Criticize Her ‘Aggressive’ Presenting Style

SHE has never been shy about sharing her life with the world – and even filmed her daughter’s birth to put on YouTube.

And now Imogen Horton hopes the video-sharing site will be the perfect place to succeed with her own children’s channel.


Imogen Horton launched her own children’s YouTube channel following the success of her first Miss Immy videoCredit: Tiktok/@imogenation
But some people found Imogen's style of presentation a bit too much.


But some people found Imogen’s presentation style a little too “aggressive”.Credit: Tiktok/@imogenation
Others insisted their kids loved Miss Immy's first video and can't wait to watch more


Others insisted their kids loved Miss Immy’s first video and can’t wait to watch moreCredit: Tiktok/@imogenation

Imogen rented a studio with a green screen to record her very first children’s video, under the name “Miss Immy”, and it was such a success that she decided to follow it with an entire channel.

She broke the news to fans in a video on his TikTok pageas she wrote, “So I can’t believe I’m saying this.

“My dreams have come true…I created my own KIDS YouTube channel.”

And while Imogen was clearly thrilled with the news, others didn’t like her “aggressive” presentation style as much.

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“I really wanna like this. But it seems a little too much and in your face,” one wrote.

“I would be terrified,” added another.

“Help I’m scared,” wrote a third.

But for as many people criticizing Imogen, there were people defending her.

“Adults complain about being ‘aggressive’ towards a child, it’s excitement, so it’s empowering. I think it’s fabulous,” one wrote.

“People act like Mr Tumble isn’t in your face too! It’s kids TV, it’s supposed to be like that to keep their attention,” another added.

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“Any aggressive or excessive comments are obviously those without children,” someone else commented.

“My girls LOVE your video so I’m so excited for it! They love your videos even on a sad day,” another praised.

Her videos involve her singing, dancing and reading books


Her videos involve her singing, dancing and reading booksCredit: Tiktok/@imogenation