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7 Best Stray Kids Music Videos, According To Members

On April 7, Stray Kids sat down for an interview with MTV News to celebrate their fourth anniversary. Members were asked to choose their best music videos from their own discography.

Keep reading to find out which MVs each member picked up.

7 Best Stray Kids Music Videos, According To Bang Chan, Lee Know, Felix, Changbin, More

1. “God’s Menu”

The first to share his best Stray Kids music video is the leader of the group, Bang Chan. He chose “God’s Menu” because of its massive impact on their careers. He pointed out that he had the most views among their releases, so far.

Bang Chan explained, “Everything was really, really perfect. Like the transitions, the performance, the choreography and the visuals. And the overall impact that ‘God’s Menu’ had, it was a very, very big turning point for Stray. Kids. , in my opinion. I think boys feel the same too.


The second to choose is Lee Know, and he named “MANIAC” his best Stray Kids music video.

He said: “I think we’ve been able to show sides of ourselves that we haven’t shown before, which I really like because I think it’s new.

Han then mentioned the final scene from the “MANIAC” MV where Lee Known can be seen punching a hole in the wall.

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Felix originally selected “God’s Menu” because of how it showcased Stray Kids’ color, but ultimately settled on “MANIAC” primarily because of how it displays interesting camerawork.

The rapper said, “But watching ‘MANIAC,’ there are so many transitions and camera angles that really express our lyrics, our song…in so many ways.”

He added that he felt like the “MANIAC” MV gave a new high of what Stray Kids is for 2022.

3. “Freeze”

As for Changbin, the B-side “Freeze” captured his heart the most. He likes his appearance in the song’s music video. He shared, “Because I love my suit in it.”

Bang Chan then commented that Changbin suited the detective look.

4. “Thunder”

“Thunderous” is Stray Kids best music video for Hyunjin. Her reason is “because it was cool” how the scenes display Korean tradition.

He revealed, “I love the last past. For example, all the members were together.” Bang Chan added that when they saw this scene for the first time, all of the members got goosebumps.

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5. “Backdoor”

Han chose “Back Door” because of the clothes, choreography, and scene transitions.

He detailed, “All of the scene transitions were great. And our clothes…the scene where everyone is dancing together really makes my heart swell. The choreography was awesome too.”

He went on to say that the track and every scene in Stray Kids’ “Back Door” MV kept him excited all the time.

6. “UP”

“TOP” is Stray Kids’ best music video for Seungmin. He said, “He has a great style and great scenes. We played with a thread. There are a lot of special scenes…”

It was the boy group’s first time trying out this kind of filming, so “TOP” is a memorable MV for them.

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7. “All inclusive”

Finally, IN chose the music video for their other Japanese song “All In,” and that’s because “the concept was really fun and cool to do.”

Bang Chan added that the concept of them acting like thieves and cops was really fun. Félix then took note of the billboard in the background which was on fire and revealed that it was hot during filming.

Which Stray Kids music video is best for you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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