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5 kids movies to stream when you’ve had enough of Frozen 2

An inevitable fact for parents who have been stuck inside the house for the past month is that we have been stuck inside with our children. Whether the idea of ​​homeschooling has brought you closer together as a family or sent you into a fetal position, chances are you’ve been tapping into your list of kids movies to stream several times a week. And the odds are Great this Frozen 2 is probably or at least was on this movie list.

Have your favorite movie options to occupy your children’s attention started to take a toll on your mental health? If you’re already on that path or getting close to it, here are some alternative options that should at least jam a few different songs into your head.

The Willoughbys

An adaptation of Lois Lowry’s 2009 children’s book – it’s the story of four siblings who concoct a plan to get rid of their neglectful parents and embark on their own adventure.

To watch: The joys of belonging to a family, despite its faults or what it may look like

Flavor: Yes Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Events added a touch of Mary Poppins

Available on: netflix

Trolls World Tour

Sequel to the 2016 film, Trolls – this film tells the story of the two main characters, Poppy and Branch, discovering six tribes of musical trolls around the world.

To watch: Meet new friends and songs that aren’t “Let it Go” or “Into the Unknown”

Flavor: A bit of Shrek mixed with a bit of Muppets

Available on: VOD rental (VUDU, YouTube, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Fandango Now)

sonic the hedgehog

Based on the title character from the acclaimed Sega video game franchise, this film follows Sonic as he adjusts to life on Earth with a new friend. He soon crosses paths with an old enemy who seeks to capture Sonic and use his powers to take over the world.

To watch: A bit of nostalgia for fans of the game and the message to use your talents to help others

Flavor: Yes HEY added a big globe of looney tunes

Available on: VOD to rent or own (VUDU, YouTube, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Fandango Now)


This recent Pixar entry tells the story of two teenage brothers who live in a world of magical creatures but don’t have much magic in their lives. After discovering a way to use magic to bring their late father back to life for 24 hours, they embark on a quest that is sure to change everything.

To watch: A different kind of sibling road trip with creative problem solving in a new setting

Flavor: Yes The never-ending story was sprinkled with a few Weekend at Bernie’s

Available on: Disney+, to rent or to own on VOD (VUDU, YouTube, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Fandango Now)

spies in disguise

Sleek super spy, Lance and a geeky scientist, Walter are the perfect team against global dangers. But when a sudden accident forces them to work together in ways they’ve never done before, they must learn to save the world outside of their comfort zones.

To watch: Good vocal performances, comedy and teamwork

Flavor: If you have taken leftover The odd couple and added them to a James Bond and spy on kids Stew

Available on: Blu-ray, DVD and Digital, VOD to rent or own (VUDU, YouTube, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Fandango Now)

What do you watch with the children? Let us know in the comments!

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