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5 Great Animated Kids Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

Toy Story, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, these are some of the most popular animated films of all time. So you would be hard pressed to find a child and parent who hasn’t seen them. Today I want to talk about five awesome anime movies that most people haven’t seen. In fact, you may never have heard of it. However, that says nothing about the quality of these movies. Let’s start with this title.

1. The Last Unicorn

Although this animated film for children is relatively unknown to the general public, it remains a bit of a cult. Equipped with an all-star cast including Mia Farrow, Angela Lansbury and Jeff Bridges among others, the story follows the world’s last unicorn Amalthea as she searches for the rest of her kind. Full of vibrant performances and jaw-dropping animations, it’s shocking that more people don’t know about this animated classic.

2. Flight of the Dragons

This 1982 animated fantasy film is often ranked among the best animated fantasy films ever made. The story follows a young Boston writer who is sent back in time to a time when wizards and dragons rule and science is barely known. This is a must-see family animated film. They don’t make them like that anymore.

3. The Great Mouse Detective

Vincent Price is best known for his role as Sir Geoffrey Radcliffe in the 1940 classic “The Invisible Man Returns” but “The Great Mouse Detective” is where he delivered arguably his best performance as the villainous Professor Rattigan. The film is basically an adaptation of Sherlock Holmes… But as a mouse. The animation is excellent and it’s a fun family movie overall with a brilliant performance from Vincent Price.

4. The Brave Little Toaster

You’ve probably never heard of this animated kid’s movie, but there’s a bit of controversy surrounding it. “What could it be, it’s just a kid’s movie?” you might ask. Well, many moviegoers considered Toy Story a blatant rip-off of “The Brave Little Toaster.” There are a few similarities, mainly that the film tells a heartwarming story of inanimate objects with interesting personalities. I don’t know if Toy Story ripped off the plot or not, but what I do know is that this is one stellar animated film.

5. The NIMH Secret

Released in 1982, this animated film is an adaptation of Robert C. O’Brien’s children’s novel “Mrs. Frisby and the NIMH rats. The story follows Mrs. Brisby (voiced by Elizabeth Hartman), a widowed field mouse, who must move her children out of their home into a field before the local farmer begins plowing. Unable to leave because her son is ill, Mrs. Brisby seeks help from a nearby rat colony, adventure takes hold of there. This Disney movie almost didn’t see the light of day due to creative tensions over budget and content. However, it was eventually released and is ranked by many as one of the top 10 animated films released by Disney, even though it still languishes in relative obscurity.


Although you may not have heard of the movies on this list, they are definitely worth seeing. Trust us, your kids won’t be disappointed, some of them might even become their new favorites.