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4 Weird Children’s Movie Controversies People Have Forgot About

People have lost their minds WALL-E

WALL-E tells the story of an adorable little robot left to clean up the wasteland that is Earth after people nearly destroyed it with their greed and consumerism. Yeah, that sounds about right. WALL-E encounters a probing robot called EVE and travels with her to the spaceship where humans now live their best lives of consumption and endurance. It’s an extremely cute and uncomfortably accurate depiction of robots and humans, respectively, so of course there were people who had issues with that. You see, God helps anyone who portrays a human being in an unflattering light, ever.

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Stop cleaning, WALL-E! You make us all look bad!

We’re not going to discuss the full list of complaints because, yes, there was a real list of complaints about this movie – from Disney being environmental hypocrites (of course) to the movie being too popular (wait, What?). We really are a species. Most of the crazies, however, were those who called the robot’s love story “liberal fascism,” as the writers at national magazine, who argued that the Pixar movie warning everyone about the unconscious nature of humanity and its mindless habits of gratification was nothing more than “Malthusian alarmist.” How dramatic, but what else do you expect from people who were apparently So tired to hear “how greedy, lazy and destructive we are”… in 2008 ?

others have called WALL-E a Marxist attack because, yes, of course. Gennady Stolyarov IIChief Editor of The rational arguer (of course), who is totally convinced in all his rationality that we won’t survive this yearsaid of the film about the tenacity of humans and robots: “WALL-E is an assault on modern civilization, born of profound economic and historical ignorance. The film shamefully betrays the efforts of countless heroic individuals who lifted humanity out of the mire of barbarism. Its anti-technology, anti-capitalist message must be exposed and countered by all thinking individuals.”