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25 best kids’ movies to watch on Netflix that will keep kids and adults entertained


Looking for some amazing kids movies to watch on Netflix? Well, we’ve made it easy for you and listed some of the best kids movies to watch.

Without a doubt, keeping your kids occupied while you work is a chore. But don’t worry, all you have to do is keep our list ready and let your kids have fun.

1. The Croods

It is the story of a family of cavemen who lose their home in a natural disaster. The Crood family’s journey to find a new home makes the film compelling. The family only goes out in daylight to feed themselves and quickly returns indoors after dark. You will love all the characters in the movie. What makes the movie great is the way they bond with each other to find the new home.

2. The Willoughbys (2020)

The four Willoughby children go on an adventure to find new parents, as they feel abandoned by their own. The film allows you to discover the true meaning of family. It is an adaptation of Lois Lowry’s bestselling book. Their plan for independence doesn’t go as planned and that’s what the movies have in store for audiences to explore.

3. Stuart Petit

This one never gets old. The Little family adopt a little Stuart mouse, on their way to find a brother for George (their son). Everyone loves Stuart because he’s a human-civilized mouse except for Snowbell, the little cat in the family, who wants to kill him along with his friends. With its twists and turns, you’ll find what’s in store for Stuart to come.

4. The Return of Mary Poppins (2018)

Mary Poppins was a big part of our childhood. After almost a decade, Marry Poppins is finally coming back into our lives and to save Mr. Banks’ siblings. This one is as original as the new one. He manages to tell a new story with equally important lessons about family, love and hope. Hope you are ready for some magical adventures.

5. Jumanji

The story is about an enchanted board game played by two younger siblings, Judy (Kirsten Dunst) and Peter (Bradley Pierce), who unearth a mystical jungle-themed board game. Now that brings all of the jungle wildlife to the real world.

It gets more and more adventurous as the kids also release a man who has been stuck in the game for 26 years. Jumanji suites: Welcome to the jungle and Jumanji: the next level, also worked very well.

6. Spy on children

We all wanted to be spies after watching Spy on children. The film is about children who are spies who save the world from bad guys. The movie will captivate you with its cool gadgets and spy clothes. Robert Rodriguez created this imaginative adventure and it is a must. The film led to three sequels and even an animated reboot series in 2018.

7. Enola Holmes

The mystery of what to watch has just been solved here. Enola Holmes is on her way to find her missing mother, Helena Bonham Carter. The plot only gets tricky when you see Sherlock Holmes and Mycroft getting involved.

You continue to guess how Enola outwits his brother to find his mother, but ends up uncovering a dangerous conspiracy. The film is a real gem to watch.

8. A babysitter’s guide to hunting monsters

The story is based on a series of books by Joe Ballarini. It’s a supernatural adventure that involves a babysitter rescuing a child kidnapped by the monster Boogeyman on Halloween.

9. Feel the rhythm

Girl named April fails Broadway’s biggest audition and returns to her hometown. She later forms a group of young dancers unsuitable for a big competition. The movie is about cuteness and dancing, so if you like dance movies, go for it.

10. We can be heroes

If you liked spy on children you will surely like this one too. The story revolves around alien invaders who capture Earth’s superheroes. Children who are rescued from government quarters decide to save their parents. It’s a sci-fi adventure where kids team up to save the earth and their parents.

11. Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

No, this is not a Disney remake The jungle Book. Mowgli: legend of the jungle is a hybrid live-action / CGI film based on the work of Rudyard Kipling. We have Benedict Cumberbatch as the evil tiger Shere Khan, which becomes my sole reason to watch the movie.

Other than that, the movie is more intense and dark. He has a lot of adventures with an animal which makes him more exciting.

12. Ralph breaks the internet

After six years of Wreck Ralph, we now have the warm suite Ralph breaks the internet. The story of Ralph and Vanellope, now friends, discover a wi-fi router in their arcade and that’s how they venture into a whole new gaming adventure. The movie has all the Disney Princesses, which doubles pleasure.

13. Night books

Are you looking for something scary to watch? Look no further than the night books. A boy named Alex, obsessed with scary stories, gets tricked by a witch. It’s filled with magical dangers, as you see what happens to Alex at the end.

14. Walk. Stroll. Rodeo.

Now this one will keep your kid captivated. This is the story of the barrel racer Amberley Snyder, who gets back on the horse and starts competing again. The best part of the movie is seeing her fight for the sport she loves.

15. Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse

The movie that needs no description only gets better. This animated film balances comedy and action so well. With groundbreaking visuals and limitless possibilities (where more than one can wear a mask now), the film is indeed one of a kind.

16. Maze

The story of Sarah, forced by her father and stepmother to take care of her little brother Toby. Annoyed Sarah wishes for something she will regret throughout the film. She wishes her half-brother was taken away by the Goblin King Jareth is now true, Sarah has only thirteen hours to solve a maze and save her little brother.

17. Hugo

Based on the book Hugo Cabret’s invention, the film Hugo is the story of an orphan. He lives on the walls of a train station in 1930s Paris. Hugo is enveloped in a discovery that also involves his late father. The film is visually stunning, every theme and every frame is perfect.

18. On the Moon

On the moon is a beautiful movie. It’s an emotional journey that expresses itself very well. A story of a young girl Fei Fei, who has many fond memories of her mother. She builds a rocket in search of a mythical moon goddess.

19. The Angry Birds Movie 2

If you liked the game, you will also like this movie. The return of Angry Birds 2 movie is as silly and funny as the first one. After saving Bird Island from a total invasion of green pigs in Angry Birds 1, this time, they take the feud to the next level.

20. The never-ending story

This 1984 film is ahead of its time. The story of Bastian, a young boy who leads a sad life tormented by bullies at school. One day, he plunges into a fantastic and wonderful world through the pages of a mysterious book that he borrows from a bookstore. You will be speechless at the film’s special effects.

21. The Princess Switch

The New Year is just around the corner and this movie just adds to your holiday vibes. As the name suggests, The Princess Switch is exactly what’s going on. A duchess changes places with an ordinary woman from Chicago, who is her double. It gives you a perfect Christmas feeling.

22. zookeeper

Comedian Kevin James and the talking animals? You know you signed up for some big laughs. The story of a zookeeper, Griffin Keyes, who is about to quit his job, but the animals don’t want to part with him. They tell him a secret and it only gets better afterwards!

23. Mirror Mirror

The story of Snow White now in fantasy film form is something you’ve never seen before. The role of an evil mother is played by Julia Roberts. The exiled princess and her seven resourceful rebels regain their birthright.

24. Angela’s Christmas

This sweet story from Irish author Frank McCourt is about family ties and how we should take care of them. Set in Ireland in the 1910s, Angela’s Christmas is a light and poignant film. It is a perfect choice for the Christmas season.

25. Cinderella (2021)

How can I even end the list without this one? Cinderella by Kay Cannon is one of a kind, you can call it the musical version of Cinderella. The movie is a bold take on the classic fairy tale, not to mention Camila Cabello, because Cinderella is the best part of the movie.

We hope you enjoy watching them!