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Unexpected Gateway Horror: 5 Terrifying Scenes From Kids’ Animated Movies

In professional wrestling, the concept of “Kayfabe” refers to a tacit agreement between fans and performers never to recognize the fictitious aspects of the sport. In the horror genre, we have something similar with the way Found Footage films invite audiences to play with scares to enhance their viewing experience. And when it comes to […]

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Miss Kate’s Children’s Story Time for Windsor Library is online and interactive amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has moved children’s story time from the library mat to social media. Librarian Kate Reynolds has been reading to children in live streaming sessions on the Windsor Public Library Facebook page since April. Reynolds – or Miss Kate, as her audience calls her – has two live Facebook sessions on Monday evening […]

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Vancouver Treebees aim to be the next hottest group in children’s music

Breadcrumb Links Television Music Local arts Entertainment My Little Pony music composer Daniel Ingram wants to entertain children ages 0-5 with his new project, the Treebees. Author of the article: Stuart derdeyn The Bees, from left to right, Millie, Zo and Timber. The Treebees is a new children’s musical group led by Vancouver-based composer Daniel […]

Kids movies

Disney Age Limits + Places on Popular Kids’ Movies

They’ve been staples of children’s entertainment for decades, but now Disney is preventing young children from watching three of their classic movies. For now, profiles belonging to children under 7 years old cannot access Peter Pan, Dumbo, and The aristocrats. The reason is simple: Disney does not want to subject young minds to “embarrassing stereotypes”. […]

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17 dirty jokes in children’s movies

“I think I had a sarcasm once.” Surprise, surprise – one Reddit user took it upon himself to ruin everyone’s childhood. U / Mr-The-Plague asked people to share the best adult jokes they’ve seen in a children’s movie. Here are some of the top rated answers: 1. This joke Mushu makes on Mulan’s tits when […]