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Best Kids Movies on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime in December

Guess who’s tall, red and loved everywhere? If you guessed “Clifford the Big Red Dog”, you were right! This month, a reboot of “Cliffordreturns to Amazon Prime for streaming. Each episode features an original song introducing kids to a different genre of music as the Birdwell Island gang pretend to be pirates, astronauts and more […]

Kids movies

The 7 best kids’ movies to watch on Children’s Day

Five, eight or 13 years old, the magic of cinema works at all ages. Whether animated fairy tales, princess stories, superhero adventures or classic musicals – cinema never fails to fascinate. The films give children a look into other worlds, real and imagined, giving them the chance to travel to adventurous destinations and make new […]

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Home Bargains sells £ 3 Christmas Eve boxes containing children’s storybook, letter from Santa, door hook and cookies – The Sun

Moms went wild this afternoon after finding out Home Bargains is selling a Christmas Eve box – filled with festive kid-friendly treats – for just £ 2.99. Taking to Facebook to share the find, a mom posted an image of the box, with the post having over 4,000 likes and nearly 2,000 comments. 2 New […]

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Final Frontier and Art & Graft rename China’s children’s channel CCTV

SHANGHAI – Final boundary, a Shanghai-based production company, has partnered with Art and Registry, a London-based animation studio, to execute the complete overhaul of CCTV Kids, the children’s channel of China’s national broadcaster. A complete visual overhaul is planned to create a unique and modern on-air package. Art & Graft designed a three-tier branding system […]