Kids movies

19 classic kids’ movies from the 90s that defined our childhood

The films that raised us.


My daughter


The heartwarming story of a young girl with an intense fear of death and her best friend who supports her in every way … until her death. I’m not saying the trauma in this movie is a direct cause of bee death, but I’m not saying that.

Childhood milestone: “He can’t see without his glasses!”


To hang up

Pictures of three stars

It turns out that Peter Pan is just as magical when he’s grown up, especially when he’s played by Robin Williams.

Childhood milestone: The entrance to Ru-fi-oooooooooooooooo.


Toy story


The movie that convinced you that your toys have a much more exciting life than ever.

Childhood milestone: All the friendship of Woody and Buzz.


Save Willy

Warner bros

Who hasn’t wanted to save a whale from captivity, like Jesse? Every girl dolphin suddenly became a girl whale after this movie.

Childhood milestone: When Jesse helps Willy jump to freedom.




A lonely, magical, book-loving girl finds friends in a desperate place and gets adopted by her favorite teacher, beloved Miss Honey. Mathilde was living the dream.

Childhood milestone: The cake scene.


Hocus pocus


The movie that taught you to fear witches, talk to cats, and avoid lighting black candles if you’re a virgin.

Childhood milestone: When witches suck on Emily’s life. Scars.


The mighty ducks


Who would have thought that ice hockey was so interesting? At least it was with this motley group of players.

Childhood milestone: The flying V!




Never living in a haunted house has been more fun than with Casper and his three boring but strangely charming uncles.

Childhood milestone: “Can I keep you?”


The Lion King


There is no doubt that this is one of the greatest Disney movies of all time. It is Hamlet with lions – what’s not to love?

Childhood milestone: The death of Mufasa. 🙁




A board game with deadly consequences IS fun, actually. At least to see other people suffer from it. Especially when the characters are as endearing as they are in this movie – the original and the best.

Childhood milestone: The terrifying stampede.



New Line Cinema

A girl group that grew up in the 60s felt so delightfully distant as a 90s kid. The movie’s actual release date is now more distant than it was when it was released. . Sorry that you are feeling old now.

Childhood milestone: The skinny dipping scene.


The secret garden

Warner bros

This movie is perhaps almost the only one responsible for Millennials’ obsession with plants. It’s proof that gardens heal!

Childhood milestone: The children frolic in the garden like in an old dream.


The sand

20th century fox

Another motley group of kids playing sports – this time baseball – The sand is full of iconic moments and lines. “You’re killing me, Smalls!”

Childhood milestone: The children try to retrieve their bullet from the Beast.


Alone at home

20th century fox

Being left alone on vacation as a kid is either fuel for a nightmare or a dream come true, depending on your perspective. For Kevin, an evil little genius, it’s a bit of both.

Childhood milestone: The Alone at home Scream ™ ️, of course.




A pig who thinks he’s a sheepdog and made at least half the children of the 90s think to become a vegetarian.

Childhood milestone: “It will be fine, Pig. It will be fine.”


The beauty and the Beast


A bookworm meets a hairy bad boi and thinks she can reform him. A tale as old as the world …

Childhood milestone: THE LIBRARY.


The little rascals


Most of the humor might have passed your head when you were a kid, but all the slapstick comedy definitely made you laugh.

Childhood milestone: Say it with me now: “Dear Darla, I hate your stinky guts. You make me throw up. You’re a scum between my toes! Love, Alfalfa.”


Space jam

Warner bros

How to get even non-athletic kids to be interested in a basketball movie: talk about aliens and Looney Tunes. It helps add a transcendent star like Michael Jordan.

Childhood milestone: Bugs and Michael kissing.




Robin Williams dominated the childhood of ’90s kids, but there’s no doubt his most iconic role is arguably the Genie in Aladdin. He was the culmination of what was already one hell of a great Disney movie.

Childhood milestone: Every scene the genie was in.

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