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15 jokes in kids’ movies and shows (that completely flew over our youngsters’ heads)

Baudelaire, Shakespeare, other famous writers we weren’t supposed to read about in high school English literature. (Browning?) All the greats have things in common – cool hair, good words and a propensity for some of the dirtiest jokes around. The writers included the dirtiest types of jokes even in the highest class, slipping shit among the roses like a shortened (and somehow worse) version of aristocrats.

The Aristocrats: a family walks into a producer’s office, trying to pitch their new act. Perhaps America’s Got Talent is good for them or something, isn’t it? The son vomits directly into the woman’s mouth, who pisses on the daughter, who discharges into the father’s mouth, which slowly melts into a plastic liquid on the floor. Once the room is full and the producer drowned, the name is revealed. The Duggars Family Extravaganza (for Christ) – or the reality tv aristocrats.

Sneaking well-known jokes into movies is a valuable hobby – but even more valuable? Slipping dirty jokes into everything – into the canon of Western literature, on statues, even on ship’s mastheads. Children’s movies and television shows are not immune to the most needy and depraved minds. Here are some of the darkest, weirdest and dirtiest jokes hidden in children’s cartoons, from Disney to Disney’s next studio buy, here are some of the weirdest jokes you’ll never figure out how they managed to slip through.

The spectacular Spider-Man

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The road to El Dorado

Adult Jokes in Children's Movies The Road to El Dorado It didn't involve his mouth.  Chel and Tulio are probably kissing off camera - but she definitely pops up from his waist.  CRACKED.COM

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